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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW .... March 17, 2011
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

news_l3.gif Dave Miley     news_l4.jpg    Don Smith        news_l5.gif   Rev. Robinson

Guests:   Pat Greenway and Dick Johnson (still getting free meals)

Quote:   “Once, when I was young I was kidnapped. The villains sent my parent a ransom note. The parental units immediately sprang into action – they contacted the local newspaper and took out a giant size ad. They managed to rent out my room the very first evening.” Woody Allen

Fines:   Table ONE for having a guest (Bill Benton) and they got blamed for the song but no one really took credit (it was horrible). There was also a couple cell phones; one was from an ailing cat calling his Dr. The honorable Pastor (but sometimes color blind) proposed a fine to all that didn’t have green on since today was St. Patrick’s day. The motion passed, the reporter claims to have had green on but lost the argument. It was confirmed in the parking lot by several well educated and very intelligent ladies that indeed, his shirt was green. (you can win the battle but lose the war I guess).

Announcements:   The membership of Dick Johnson will be voted on shortly, there was some paper work problems.

Poker Tournament is over and it was a great success. Players were up 66%; Gross up 98% at a bit over $21,000; Overhead down 12% and Net up 72% at $14,835. Pat McKim presented Pat Greenway from the Listen up Foundation with a check for $5,000. She said the money will be used to help low income kids with speech and hearing problems. McKim said he DID throw in the $50 for not making it to the end. Reggie Rivers was one of 5 that split the pot. Dick Mason’s wife made it to the final table but didn’t win.

Doug informed the group of an upcoming golf tournament that the club has been asked to help in exchange for possibly some good fund raising monies and some other goodies. It will be held at the Omni Interlocken Golf Club on June 6th. Doug is putting teams together and this could be very rewarding for the club. Ken Kelley is the Chairman with Doug as Co-Chair. More info to follow.

Will Martinez has King Soopers coupons. The club receives 5% but only 4 people regularly use the service. The card is like a debit card so it’s easy to use.

Mike Magee has set up a tour of Invesco Field April 22nd at 2:00 pm. At a cost of $6 per head (you can bring your body if you so desire). Sign-up sheet passed around.

5th Annual Sertoma Mile High Soap Box Derby race:
Super kids race & trial run – June 4, 2011
Race day – June 5, 2011



Geoff Strohn had his first try at being the SOD and did a fairly good job. He started of by saying “I almost wasn’t here”, meaning something about is father in a near fatal accident, coma and hospitalized for several months. Geoff did make his appearance at St. Marys Hospital overlooking Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, WI on Oct 18, 1970. His father was a writer for local WI. Papers and his other was in advertising. He is a mixture of 50% German, 25% Norwegian and 25% English. Dads side were farmer and loggers in WI/MN region and moms side were farmers in Iowa. Parents divorced and he moved to Mundelein, Il in 1975. He is an only child.

Geoff Strohn.JPG

In 1977, he moved to Dublin, OH, just outside of Columbus – the 16th largest city and one of the fastest growing communities in the U.S. Geoff graduated from Dublin High in 1989 and went to Ohio State in 1990. His father died around that time and he had to work all through college for John Deere and graduated with a degree in communications and economics. He wanted to be in the motorcycle industry since he grew up loving bikes, packed up and moved to Marina Del Rey/Hermosa Beach area in Los Angeles. He lived with an actor for six months while working in Paramount and Torrance, CA. from 1995 to 1998 working for Honda and a 15 minute walk from the beach.

In 1998 he transferred to Sioux Falls, SD as a Dist. Sales Manager, the transferred to Leesburg, VA in 2000 and then to Colorado in 2002. He met his wife in 2001 and married her in 2002 during the move to Colorado. Christina is from Pittsburgh area and they have 2 boys.. He left Honda in 2007 and started with Edward Jones, opening an office in Englewood in 2008 and here he is today. His interests are college and pro sports, reading, travel, kids activities, motorcycles and about any outdoor activity. He has been to or through 39 states and 7 foreign countries and no military under his belt. Geoff was brought into the club by Ken Kelley. Listen to GeoffStrohn.mp3

Program:   Removed

Upcoming programs:
Mar 31st: Nancy Doty, Arapahoe Co. Clerk and Recorder
April 7th: Two graduate students from DU, Heather Wilkins and Erika Ross
on “Nutraceutical antioxidants for ALS.”

handshake.gif  n/a  pot2.gifJim Rees   dollars.gifBob Stein

     Upcoming SOD list

Mar 24 - Regular Meeting - SOD John Vierthaler
Mar 31 - Regular Meeting - SOD Jack Thompson
Apr 7 – Regular Meeting – SOD Mike Ballew
Apr 14 – Regular Meeting & BODSOD Bill Benton
Apr 21 - Regular Meeting – SOD Ed Bezjak
Apr 28 - Regular Meeting – SOD Jim Britton


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