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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....March 1, 2007
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

       Carl Duncan

Guests: One guest (I missed his name)

Fines: A fine was proposed for table #1 because they “NEVER HAVE GUESTS” and they had a guest. Passed.

Some traitor in the group proposed a fine to the whole group because the song was so bad. I don’t know how but it passed.

Announcements: Tim Pollack: Tickets for the Charity Raffle at Columbine C.C. on April 28 th are available.

Well, two weeks without a meeting and we can’t sing the song in unison. The Pledge wasn’t a heck of a lot better. Good thing Carl can say a prayer or the beginning of the luncheon would have been a bust.   I think we are back on a regular schedule, hopefully it wont take long to get our singing voices back.

It was announced that Rich Carlson is awake and doing better. Let's keep him in our prayers.

Bingo: had abt a $6500 deposit.


Rick Campbell (our dent Dr.) gave us a run down on his life. He allowed as how he was born somewhere (Ilgen?) in Illinois in the 1950's.  After a ski vacation in Colorado sometime in the 1970's, he moved to Colorado.  He told Renee he was moving (I guess that meant if she wanted to continue dating him or get married, she better move with him. She did and they did.) They have been married over 30 years (Rick wasn’t sure EXACTLY how many it was).

Rick runs an auto collision repair service close to the Elks' club (which is convenient because of the poor driving abilities of the club).  He has three daughters who have generated 6 grandchildren, 2 of them twins. Rick served our country fearlessly for 2 weeks when Nixon abolished the draft and he got to go home. Rick was brought into the club by Pollak 7 or 8 years ago.   Specificity is not one of Rick's attributes.

Program: Mabe introduced George Hannes, who gave us a little info on the “Space Race” while Sterling was the technical director, working the computer. George has put together a disc with a lot of video on the history of the race to space. Although what was shown was an abbreviated version, he has the complete CD for sale with the proceeds going to the Foundation. Checks in payment for the Space Race should be made out to “Arapahoe Sertoma Foundation” and in the memo area, “Parchen Memorial”.

   Joe Dowdey    Jim Perkins    Joe Geers


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Mar 5 - D Team
Mar 12 - E Team
Mar 19 - A Team
Mar 26 - B Team
Apr 2 - C Team
Apr 9 - D Team
Apr 16 - E Team
Apr 23 - A Team




       Mar 8 - Regular Meeting - SOD Dowdey
       Mar 9  - Spring awards banquet at Wyndham Hotel
       Mar 15 - Regular Meeting - SOD Downey
       Mar 22 - Regular Meeting - SOD Downs
       Mar 24 - Texas Hold'em
       Mar 22 - Regular Meeting - SOD Duncan
       Apr 5  - Regular Meeting - SOD Combellick
       Apr 12  - Regular Meeting - SOD
       Apr 19 - Regular Meeting - SOD
       Apr 26 - Regular Meeting - SOD
       Apr 28 - Charity Raffle at Columbine C.C.
       May 3-5 Regional in Colorado Springs.

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Movie review:


Jeff Foxworthy on Coloradoans

*You are a Coloradoan if ..........*

1. You switch from "Heat" to "A/C" in one day.

2. You know what the "Peoples Republic of Boulder" means.

3. Your sense of direction is: towards the mountains and away from the mountains.

4. You're a meat-eating vegetarian.

5. The bike on your car is worth more than your car and you have your own special bike lane.

6. You're able to drive 65 miles per hour through 13 feet of snow during a raging blizzard without even flinching.

7. You take your out-of-town guests to Casa Bonita even though you would never go there otherwise.

8. You think your major food groups are granola bars, tofu and Fat Tire Beer.

9. You desig n your kid's Halloween costumes to fit over a snowsuit.

10. You think that sexy lingerie is wool socks and flannel PJs.

11. You know all 4 seasons "almost winter, winter, still winter and spring blizzards

12. You've been tear gassed in a riot to celebrate a CU/CSU victory.

13. You can never figure out why your out-of-town guests faint from altitude sickness on a picnic to the mountains.

14. You can drive over a 12,000-foot pass in 4 feet of snow, but can't get to work if there are 4 inches of snow.

15. You know the 'correct' pronunciation of Buena Vista.

16. When you visit friends at sea level, you can drink a case of beer and not get a buzz.

17. Your car insurance costs more than your car.

18. You have surge protectors on every outlet.

19. April showers bring May blizzards.

20. 'Timber line' is someplace you have actually been.

21. You know what a 'Chinook' is

22. You know what a 'Rocky Mountain Oyster' is.