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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....March 23, 2006
This weeks Reporter-Carl Duncan

Jacobus   Geers     Foerster

GUESTS: Carl Duncan again introduced STERLING CAIN.   Get the application for membership ready because Sterling is impressed  with our club.

HANDSHAKE PRIZE:   Dave Miley asked all who had never received the prize to raise their hand.  Only Jim Rees was bold enough to do that, and thereby won a mug.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Jim Rees reported that all raffle tickets are out.  All that remains is for those who took the tickets to remit the cash to Jim.  Tim Pollak can always use more door prizes.

Regarding  Bingo,   Buckland is still working out details with the Elks Club.  In the meantime a Wednesday night opening for bingo may be available at the Slammer's facility located at Jewel and Wadsworth.    Stay tuned for futher developments.


JOE GEERS was born of immigrant German parents in 1930 in Missouri close to the the Mississippi River.  His parochial grade school is still standing.   Joe obtained a degree in petroleum engineering  and also a Master of Business Administration degree from St Louis Univ.

During the Korean War, he served with the Army Corp of Engineers.  He started his civilian career with Gulf Oil and Proctor and Gamble.   In 1961 he was employed by Johns Manville.   In their employment, he lived in New York and California.   They transferred him to Colorado in 1970.   He became a self-employed manufacturers rep in 1980 and retired in 1995.

Joe has been married to Shirley since 1952.   They have 6 daughters, 5 of which live close by.   Included among several noteworthy grandchildren are Jim Naida, a budding stage talent at Chatfield High School and Katie Naida, the only female to score points as a big 12 football player.

PROGRAM: MIKE HAWKINS from Drinkwine Family Mortuary  discussed issues confronting the funeral provider's industry.   Colorado does not currently have state authority to monitor funeral providers.   Hawkins advocates that such a regulatory body should be established to ensure ethical practices .

The current trend toward cremation is the main challenge facing full service providers.   Full service Mortuaries  offer cremation as well, but there are some  specialized crematoriums that are the most economical.

Hawkins urged us to PLAN AHEAD for the inevitable.  One should be very specific  in their funeral instructions  in order to save time, money and distress at this most emotional  time.    Bequeathing the remains to science does not always work because the medical profession can and does refuse certain donations.   So always provide alternative instructions.

Their web site is:

                                   "Raffle" 2006 Tickets are NOT available:
This year's RAFFLE is being held at Columbine Country Club on Saturday Aril 22nd. The festivities start at 5:30 PM with cocktails (Cash Bar). Also, at 5:30 is a Silent Auction put on by The American Red Cross for the benefit of the Red Cross and it will run to 7:00 or 7:15. Dinner will be served at 7:00 with your choice of either Prime Rib or Salmon. The Raffle auction will begin at 8:00. There will be door prizes in addition to the GRAND PRIZE of $8,000 or part thereof. Ticket price is $125.00 which gets you a one chance in 200 for the $8,000 and also includes dinner for two.

If you still want to go, (or have to cancel) ask around, maybe someone will have to cancel and you can buy their tickets. Let the reporter or editor know and we will post it here.

Jim Rees Mabe Downey Don Nelson

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    April 6   - Regular Meeting - SOD Jason Hand
    April 13 - Regular Meeting - SOD George Hannes
    April 20 - Regular Meeting - SOD Doug Harder
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