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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW .... March 24, 2011
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

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Guests:   Linda Holloway form Chatfield & Littleton Sertoma Clubs & next years district Governor ; Dick Johnson (still getting free meals)

Announcements:   Linda Holloway, a co-founder and Development Coordinator of Bessie’s Hope, came to tell us about the “Intergenerational Idols” show this Saturday, April 9th. Call them at 303 623-1176 or go to for more information.

It was mentioned that a prior member, Joe Barber, fell and was hurt pretty bad.

Dick Johnson will be inducted in next week from what it sounds like so NO MORE FREE LUNCH. He will also be the SOD so be prepared Dick.

Doug read off the team captains names for the upcoming fund raising at the Omni Interlocken Golf Club June 6th. He also said that we can golf there for free this Tuesday. Did you get that, the price is FREE . This can be a great money raising opportunity and not just for this year. All participation is needed. See Doug for details on this Tuesdays golf event.

Will Martinez has King Soopers coupons. The club receives 5% but only 4 people regularly use the service. The card is like a debit card so it’s easy to use.

Mike Magee has set up a tour of Invesco Field April 22nd at 2:00 pm. At a cost of $6 per head (you can bring your body if you so desire). Sign-up sheet passed around.

5th Annual Sertoma Mile High Soap Box Derby race:
Super kids race & trial run – June 4, 2011
Race day – June 5, 2011



John Vierthaler was born in 1941, the son of Immigrants. His Father is from Austria and fought in WWI for the Kaiser. His mother was from the Austria-Hungarian Empire. They both immigrated to Pittsburgh, PA independently and met while they lived there. John was born in Pittsburgh and grew up on the Ohio River.
John went to Aspen Wall HS in Aspen Wall, PA. it was torn down about 10 years after he graduated. John went on to Grove City College in Grove City, PA., a private college founded by the heirs of the Sun Oil Company. It is a very independent college.

In 1963, he was in Air Force ROTC because they had mandatory military service and paid $30 a month. Graduated with a commission as a 2nd Lt. Spent 3 years in Atlanta, "defending our nation". Went to Law School at Emery University in Atlanta, GA at night. Got out of the military and transferred all his credits to the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Law and graduated a year later. Worked for Alcoa as a corporate attorney. Later went to work for his father-in-law. By this time he was up to three kids. The family used to come up to Colorado to ski. After four years of trips, Brenda, his wife, convinced John to move to Colorado. He moved out with two adults, three kids, two dogs, and two cats. (They lost one of their cats in Russell, Kansas).

John worked for Bill Malone who inducted him to the club in October of 1980. He opened his own office after leaving Bill's firm. He has been in the same office at the corner of Wadsworth and Bowles for the past 22 years. John does estates and trusts, real estate, small business and civil law.

Brenda passed away about 8 years ago and he is still single. He farms for a hobby, tents dry land and raises horses and chases coyotes on horseback for fun. Name of the farm is “Four Valley Farm” because in Austrian his name translates into "four valleys".              Listen to JohnVierthaler.mp3

Program:   Geoff Strohn introduced Cheryl Ecki. When it became clear that her husband, Stephen, was not going to survive terminal cancer, Cheryl Eckl began a courageous journey to walk with him all the way to the doorway of the next world.

Her personal pilgrimage transformed her own life and inspired her passion to offer others not only her intimate story but also the resources and deep understanding she garnered along the way.

Cheryl’s book, A Beautiful Death is a compassionate and honest work that begins a dynamic dialogue about the dying process, its stark reality and its indefinable glory. Read why Cheryl felt compelled to put her moving experiences into words at The Book.

“There are blessings and miracles inherent in a person’s final hours. By embracing the experience, those of us who remain can make death a sacred adventure of great love and resolution. I welcome you with all my heart to what I hope will be for you a source of support as you face life’s most difficult journey.”

You are invited to join a new community of comfort and compassion. A place to find out how to face loss and grief with confidence, grace and peace. Explore the site for Resources and Stories and a fresh and uplifting perspective on death and dying, grief and loss.
Meet Cheryl in person! Go to Events for her calendar of media interviews, book signings and other appearances. .

“Please join me in creating a supportive and courageously inquisitive approach to end-of-life issues.”

Since early childhood, Cheryl has had a sparkling zest for life. As a singer and actress, her dramatic and comedic skills delighted musical theater audiences across the U.S. When she turned her attention to helping others as a professional development trainer and life coach, a new audience was equally impressed with her knowledge and unique insights into life and learning. Cheryl has delivered her practical wisdom with intelligence, humor and real-life stories for more than 30 years and has trained top performers in a wide variety of industries.

“Ever since I was a child, my first impulse upon discovering something new has been to share it with others, to teach them a shortcut or show them a better way to do something. I wanted to save people from the pain I had gone through while learning a tough lesson. As a life coach, I wanted to show others how much fun they could have by doing work they loved, but the focus had always been on business training. Then my husband, Stephen, got cancer and life changed forever – although not my desire to help.”

Since her husband’s death in 2008, Cheryl has re-dedicated her life to offering comfort and support to those facing life’s most difficult journeys, including death, grief and loss. She has translated her passion for showing others the way not only into her Book, but also with her uniquely interactive inspirational speeches, workshops and retreats where she assists others in facing the future with peace.

“If we can embrace life’s end as a glorious new beginning for the one who is moving on, those of us who remain will also find the courage and confidence to create death as a beautiful experience of love, compassion and resolution.”
As an author, she delivers powerful insights, deep reflection and compassionate guidance for her readers. And as a transformational coach, Cheryl has found that by opening our hearts to all that life delivers, we can re-create our own lives and move forward into a new set of tomorrows.

Cheryl lives along the front range of the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado and is completing a certificate in Transpersonal Psychology.              Listen to Cheryl Ecki.mp3

Index of past programs programs.pdf

Upcoming programs:
March 31st: Nancy Doty, Arapahoe Co. Clerk and Recorder
April 7th: Two graduate students from DU, Heather Wilkins and Erika Ross
on “Nutraceutical antioxidants for ALS.”

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     Upcoming SOD list

Mar 31 - Regular Meeting - SOD Dick Johnson
Apr 7 – Regular Meeting – SOD Jack Thompson
Apr 14 – Regular Meeting & BODSOD Mike Ballew
Apr 21 - Regular Meeting – SOD Bill Benton
Apr 28 - Regular Meeting – SOD Ed Bezjak


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