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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....Mar 25, 2010
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

news_l3.gif    Will Martinez news_l4.jpg  Don Smith     news_l5.gif   Tom Fry

Quote:   “I was married to Bill for 15 years and didn’t know he drank until one night he come home sober”. From Dear Abby

Guests:   Ken Kelley brought Geoff Strohn back and Geoff submitted his application so this is his first publishing.

Fines: n/a

Bingo:   160 players and a deposit of $9,352. It was a ‘must go’ night and at 5:20pm, Dick reported there were already 20 people in the hall.

Announcements:   There will be more Volunteer opportunities with the Jeffco Dept. of Health for the student screening. Contact Judy Manzanares at 303 982-7255

Bill Benton sent a sign-up sheet around for a trip to Black Hawk. We need 40 people at $12.50 each.

Jack Marshall wants ideas on when we can use the Lemonade Stand. If used in Denver, we need a Denver permit. Would be nice if we could use it at least once a Quarter and use the Bingo teams to

Applebee's Breakfast April 24th: Tickets were handed out so be sure to sell them to someone that isn’t going to be there. George is getting his body repaired so Dean is collecting monies.

The 7th Annual Mountain West Convention is April 29 through May 1st at Reno, NV.
      Convention Registation and Hotel Info 2010.pdf

Pat McKim introduced Denise Pachello from The Listen Foundation and she gave us some information about the Foundation and the upcoming Poker Night on May 25th. Figure about 200 players, buy-in about $65. There will be beginner and experienced tables. Partner with Listen Up. Poker Tournament Invite.pdf
Also see:

Will Martinez has King Soopers coupons.



Since Mr. Ballew was a no-show, Rick Campbell showed up late and was picked for the SOD today. Rick Campbell was born in Elgin, Illinois in 1953. Grew up in Illinois, went to High School at Glenbar West at Hilltop. It is still standing. Served in the military for 2 weeks, he was number 5 in the draft. Two weeks prior to reporting for basic, Nixon called off the draft but he did get inducted into the Army. Rick went on to DuPage College in Illinois. Started as an electrical engineer, but did not like the number crunching as much as fixing cars.

Rick went to college for a year. He came out to Colorado on a ski vacation and enjoyed walking around in a tee shirt in the middle of winter (1973) and decided to come out and stay permanently. He had met Renee when he was in High School, they started dating during college and she came along when Rick moved west in 1974. They have been happily married for 35 years and they have 3 girls. The eldest of his daughters is a teacher at Ft. Logan Elementary. The middle child is a nurse at Porter. The youngest is a homemaker due to the recently arrival of twins. Rick and Renee now have 7 grand kids. One of the grand kids was born on 5-5-05.

Rick runs an auto collision repair service which he opened in 1979 and it’s close to the Elks' club (which is convenient because of the poor driving abilities of the club). His dad was in the auto body parts business. He gave Rick a beat up car and told him by the time you get it all fixed up, you will be old enough to drive it. Dr. Tim brought Rick into the club and he as held several chairs including President.


Program:  Randy Smith introduced Ralph Morgan from Evergreen Apothecary, premier medical dispensary and alternatives. Their Mission: To provide our patients safe access to top quality medical marijuana in a comfortable, professional environment. To promote healthy living through education and natural therapies. Most dispensary cater to an age group around 39, Ralph’s cater to an average age of 55.

Did you know that certain powerfully anti-inflammatory compounds in cannabis are at least as effective as medications like aspirin, ibuprofen and indomethacin for arthritis, and that as many as 16,500 people with arthritis die each year from the effects of such medications? Number of people who have died using cannabis to treat their arthritis: 0.

"Cannabis has been used therapeutically by humans for probably 6,000 years of recorded history, and used quite successfully," Shackelford said.

"Marijuana has its place in medicine, either as a primary treatment or an adjunctive treatment," he said. "It is ultimately about the patients whom we serve. If a prescription drug is more appropriate treatment, that's what we should do. If marijuana is more appropriate for that patient, that's what we should recommend."

"I found a number of patients who had reached the end of their treatment and were not really able to continue taking high dose narcotics but had no other fall back," Shackelford said. "I found that the research and the clinical experience of patients with Cannabis as medicine was overwhelmingly positive, found it was a useful thing for them."

For the complete articles for the above portions, goto: Medical Marijuana info.pdf   Call Ralph at: 720.979.4002

Upcoming programs:
April 1st - David Warner from NREL - National Renewable Energy Labs in Golden.
April 8th - Someone from Habitat For Humanity will update us on Habitat Projects .
April 15th - T.J.Slocum from REC Solar will talk about leased residential solar installations
May 6th: Dr. Patrick Ryan
May 13th: John Barnes, 18 Lessons from Golf about life.
May 20th: Joe Rice, State Representative Colorado State House District 38
handshake.gif n/a       pot2.gif  Bob Buckland      dollars.gifMabe Downey

                       Upcoming SOD list
Apr 1 – Regular Meeting - SOD Mike Ballew
Apr 8 – Regular Meeting & BOD - SOD Bill Benton
Apr 1 – Regular Meeting - SOD Ed Bezjak
Apr 1 – Regular Meeting - SOD Bob Buckland

Apr 1– B Team
Ends Apr 8th - C Team

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Dear Sertomans:  Last night we had our initial meeting to organize another joint wine tasting event.  I want to ask each club to address issues related to this effort within the next ten days.  First of all, I would like each club to provide a summary of its concerns, criticisms or suggestions of how we can improve the event.  I would like each club to notify me to a tentative commitment to participate in the event this year.  If more information is needed, please let me your questions asap.  I would like each club to identify each member who wants to serve as a committee chair.  The committees are: decorations, finance, vendor procurement, restaurant procurement, entertainment, sponsorships, procurement of auction items, auction administration, check out, publicity, printing, ticket sales.  We may have additional committees as we get organized and get input from everyone.  Also, please consider serving on the Executive Committee whose members will chair one committee and oversee others.  This group  (5-7) will have the ultimate decisions on contractual matters for the event. 
Ideally, we would reach consensus on a cause we can all support with this event.  On the other hand, we want consider the possibility that this event will only provide support to the individual clubs who will distribute the net proceeds in their usual manner.  It is anticipated that the club's will all recieve a pro rata share of the net proceeds and that the DTC Club will again front costs for the event.  On that basis, no other club faces any financial risk and we can all determine our results by our own efforts. Bottom line, if your club has a cause you want to be considered as "the cause" for this event, please provide information so that all the other clubs can evaluate the issue.  If we don't have one cause we can all comfortably support with a set amount of our net proceeds, perhaps we won't have any cause apart from our clubs' causes. 
We will try to select a facility and date no later than April 15.  If you want to provide input on that decision, please send it in to me.  Each club should let us know if it has any dates in Sept or Oct that won't work for it due to pre-existing commitments.  We will try to provide a proposed budget no later than May 15. 
I know some clubs have already decided to participate and some not.  Still, I ask the club president to prepare a response for me not later than April 5.  If you cannot meet that deadline, please let me know before then when you will respond.  We want each club that participates to feel this is "our event" not theirs.  I urge every club to join in this opportunity.  Those of you who were there last night, if I left anything out, please let me know.  Thank you,  Steve