by: Don Smith

THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....March 2, 2006
This weeks Reporter-Carl Duncan

Miley   Duncan      Harder

GUESTS: There were no guests. We need to get more actively involved in Penland's growth contest. The club never stays the same size: IT GROWS OR IT DIES!

ANNOUNCEMENTS: The fare offered by Las Brisas today consisted of barbecued beef or barbecued turkey, brown legumes, pomme fritters and shredded cabbage and carrots. This is more commonly know as sloppy joes, hash browns and cole slaw. By whatever name, it was consumed with gusto.

Parchen has had leg surgery and is somewhere between the 2cnd and 8th floor in a hospital. He will be home on Friday, at which time his exact location will be known. Jim Rees still has 25 tickets available for the raffle and Tim Pollak is seeking door prizes for the event. Gov Ballew promoted attendance at the annual awards dinner to be held at the DTC Wyndham Friday March 10. Open bar at 6 pm and dinner at 7 pm. Let us support our winners.


A team deposited only $4,600 from last night's bingo. This signifies that the club lost money again. The Club's participation in bingo as a fund raiser will cease next Wednesday night with B team because the developer of Southglenn has closed the building. Since the progressive must be won next Wednesday and because it will be the last chance for bingo regulars to play at that facility, we are anticipating a large attendance.   Therefore, ALL B TEAM MEMBERS NEED TO BE THERE; and if you cannot attend, please get a substitute.

E W "Bill" FOERSTER was officially inducted into the club. Bill is very much in favor of the good works that service clubs do and is pleased to join us in these efforts. During the same ceremony, Duncan, who brought Bill into the club, was awarded the One for One pin.

It was great to see Jim Perkins and Jack Marshall back in attendance today. Both have been absent due to medical problems.

The Handshake prize went to Bob Hogge with no disernible preamble.

Country Dinner Playhouse: March 23rd Tom Fry, chairman, list circulating.


Significant dates in the life of DR BUCE ELSEY, DVM are as follows:
1951 age 0 born in Garden City Ks
1961 age 10 sorted pop bottles for his father's store
1965 age 14 repaired roofs and performed other construction jobs due to a tornado
1969 age 18 entered the livestock industry by raising hogs
1976 age 25 married Kathleen
1977 age 26 graduated veterinary school (Kansas State Univ)
1978 age 27 started All Cat Clinic in Englewood
1979 age 28 brought into the club by Steve Bolyard
1982 age 31 twin boys were born
1989 age 38 started selling his special brand of cat litter
2006 age 55 (same as Will Rogers when he died) provided the club with copies of "WORDS OF WISDOM" author unknown, dated 1692, which could serve as a philosophy of life for all of us. If you did not get a copy or did not receive one, get one. Flying Five went to Mabe Downey

PROGRAM: Dave Penland introduce Mike Ulrich and Jim Pattarozzi, officers in the Englewood Emergency Medical Service (EMS). Ahead of its time, the Englewood fire department started transporting needy people to the hospital in 1949. Eventually the EMS was created as a separate division. Over the years there has been a great improvement in the response to 911 calls. The Cardial Alert and Stroke Alert programs allow the EMS personnel to have access to medical doctors while they are transporting the patient to the hospital. Upon arrival at the hospital, the patient is immediately provided emergency room care. This procedure has saved many lives and has prevented much disability caused by strokes.

The main problem encountered by EMS personnel is the failure of the general public to recognize the symptoms of heart attack and stroke. Men especially are prone to deny that they need medical help. Public education programs that (A) teach the recognition of symptoms, (B) overcome the tendency to deny the problem, (C) that have everybody prepare a medical history in advance of an emergency and (D) emphasize the advantages of early detection and treatment will save a lot of lives.

Upcoming programs:
March 9: Denver Museum of Nature and Science; Advances in Space Exploration and Technology.

Bob Hogge
Dave Miley

           On the calendar.....    
    Mar 9 - Regular Meeting - SOD Dick Enslow
    Mar 16 - Regular Meeting - SOD
Tom Fry
    Mar 23 - Regular Meeting - SOD Joe Geers
    Mar 30 - Regular Meeting - SOD Phil Grimm


Mar 8 - Team B  

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Notes from Mike Ballew, Governor, Front Range:
Just a reminder about the annual awards banquet being held this next Friday, March 10th, at the DTC Wyndham. The cash bar opens at 6:00 with dinner at 7:00. The cost, if you register early, is $25.00, in stead of $30.00. Please contact your club president to RSVP, so they can submit numbers to Carol Worth.

This will be a great evening and we will recognize the Front Range District Sertoman of the Year, and the Front Range Service to Mankind Recipient. Additionally, David Oppenheim will present a program about what he has put together to assist injured soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq.


Here is information from Linda Holloway regarding upcoming events and activities for Rainbow Bridge. If you are familiar with this organization, you are familiar with the fine work they do; if you are not, then you need to be.

Please contact Linda directly regarding your individual and club participation in these events. If you did not attend the Idols performance last year, you missed a real treat and will want to be there this year.

Club officers, please make note of the sponsorship opportunities on the enclosed flyer, as many clubs have been substantial contributors to Rainbow Bridge in the past.
Let me know if you have questions, Mike

You are cordially invited to a Wine Tasting/Hors d'oeuvres/Gift Gathering Party for Rainbow Bridge*
Monday, March 13, 2006
6:30 - 8:00 p.m.
Kevin & Mary McNicholas Estate
4150 S. University Blvd., Cherry Hills

Please bring a gift, certificate, or bottle of wine for the silent auction held in conjunction with The Intergenerational Idols to be held on April 27th at the Teikyo Loretto Heights Theatre

*Rainbow Bridge enhances the quality of life for nursing home/assisted living elders by training and working with youth and adult volunteers.

Please RSVP or

Dear CASE Partner:

In addition to the fraud prevention seminars we offer through the District Attorney's Office, there is another very informative program that you may want to schedule for your organization. Please read on.

Pat Brady, Director of the Child Support Division of the District Attorney's Office (18th Judicial District), is available as a speaker for your next meeting. Pat will make a short presentation on the services offered through the Child Support Division. This division establishes, modifies, and enforces child support orders. In 2005, the unit collected over $35,000,000 (thirty-five million dollars) in child support. That is not a mistake - over $35 million dollars in one year alone. For a mere $20 fee a wide variety of services are available to those who are dealing with child support issues. To schedule Pat as a speaker for your next meeting, call her at (720) 874-8758.

Mason Finks
Director, CASE Partnership
18th Judicial District
Phone: 720-874-8487