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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW .... March 31, 2011
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

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Guests:   Ken Haraldsen and Dick Johnson (who was finally inducted) Ken is an Air Force Veteran and was featured in 9 Cares. He is or was a Pilot, Dowser, Author, Historian, U.S.A.F. Tech Sgt Ret’d, Lt. Colonel CAP Ret’d, Train Engineer, Cowboy Poet, Police Officer and U.S. Post Office. He is a friend of our Program and it turns out Orian has met him before. See the write up on Ken here: KenHaraldsen.jpg   Ken and Nancy Doty.JPG

Fines: To Jim Rees for poor training to the Pres. on his induction but I think it was Vierthaler who was past president. Fine to our new member, Dick Johnson, to show him we like him but he is the SOD so the fine went to his sponsor, Magee. Also a fine to the president for proposing the new member be the SOD, a fine to Harder for not standing and the fine to the “Dick” table for having four Dicks (Laskey, Enslow, Mason & Johnson).

Quote: “You know the world is going crazy when: the best rapper is a white guy; the best golfer is a black dude; the tallest NBA player is Chinese; the Swiss hold America’s cup; Germany does not want to go to war; and 3 of America’s most powerful people are named Bush, Dick and Colon.” Chris Rock

Announcements:   It was mentioned that a prior member, Joe Barber, passed away this week.

Dick Johnson was finally inducted, welcome Dick.

The free round of golf at the Omni Interlocken Golf Club was canceled due to snow on the ground but will be rescheduled

Will Martinez has King Soopers coupons. The club receives 5% but only 4 people regularly use the service. The card is like a debit card so it’s easy to use.

“Intergenerational Idols” show this Saturday, April 9th. Call them at 303 623-1176 or go to for more information.

Invesco Field tour April 22nd at 2:00 pm

5th Annual Sertoma Mile High Soap Box Derby race:
Super kids race & trial run – June 4, 2011
Race day – June 5, 2011



Finally, Dick Johnson (official name is Richard) was inducted into the club after who know how many months of free lunch. So, to show him how much he is welcomed into the club, we was picked to be the SOD. (we might as well start them off right).

Dick was born in Blue Earth, Minnesota and when he turned 5, the family moved to Northern Iowa, his dad was a farmer as he was but he hated it so when he graduated from high school, he moved to Des Moine, Iowa as a programmer, went back to school and while there, he met the love of his life. She wanted to move to Denver and be a registered Nurse so he followed her here.

He no sooner got here and Uncle Sam wanted him so he joined the Army and went to White Sands, New Mexico as an MP. He was put on the Korea list and his fiancée thought they should get married before he left so they did and 2 weeks later, he was on his way to Korea (they have been married 40 years now). He had only known here for 6 months and now he was gone for a year. One of his hobbies is softball and he ended up on the All Army softball team so for 6 of those 12 months, he traveled around playing softball. After the Army, he came home and became an accounted for an insurance company for about 30 years and is now semi-retired. He set up a partnership with another gentleman and is still doing insurance working out of his home. One day a week, he works at Home Depot

Dick and his wife have 3 children and 7 grandchildren. He still plays softball and his son is into it also. Dick is a pitcher and teaching his son to be the same. Dick has pitched up to seven games in one day.
Listen to DickJohnson.mp3

Program:   Geoff Strohn introduced Nancy Doty, Arapahoe Co. Clerk & Recorder, and her assistant Mary Whitley.

Nancy was elected Arapahoe Co. Clerk and Recorder in February 2004 and re-elected in 2006 and in 2010. Since assuming this position, she has become a state and nationally certified Administrator of Elections. She is a member of the Colorado Co. Clerks Association and past Chair of the Central Region for CCCA. Nancy resides in Centennial and has two grown children, and two grandchildren. (She brought a full page bio, I wish all the programs did the same).

While Mary ran the slide show, Nancy gave us “The Facts & Future of Arapahoe County Elections”, a break down the demographics of the voters in Arapahoe Country. For 2010, the population was 5,029,196, 49.6% Female and 40.4%Male; 75.5% over 18 and 10.6% 65 and over. The total registered voters were 3,302,829; of those, 33% Dem, 38% Rep, 28% Unaffiliated and 1% other.

The big thing is the voting method and cost per vote. For the November 2, 2010 election, 17.9% went to a polling place while 2.6% were early voters. 79.9% used mail-in voting. The cost per vote is interesting, it costs $14.86 per vote to go to a polling place, $20.08 per vote on early voting and for mail-in, $2.63 per vote. Nancy says she would like to see 100% mail-in voting, that would save a huge amount of money.

Listen to NancyDoty.mp3 for more information on Arapahoe County, goto:

Index of past programs programs.pdf

Upcoming programs:
April 7th: Two graduate students from DU, Heather Wilkins and Erika Ross
on “Nutraceutical antioxidants for ALS.”

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     Upcoming SOD list

Apr 7 – Regular Meeting – SOD Jack Thompson
Apr 14 – Regular Meeting & BODSOD Mike Ballew
Apr 21 - Regular Meeting – SOD Bill Benton
Apr 28 - Regular Meeting – SOD Ed Bezjak


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