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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW .... March 8, 2012
This weeks Reporter - Jim Perkins

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Guests:    n/a

Fines:   Tommy Fry was fined $.25 for some Kinky activity he engaged in with a can of whipped cream. Some alluded to the front of his pants.

Announcements:  Rick Campbell pitched the all you can eat spaghetti diner special being held the following Saturday night raising funds for the upcoming Soap Box Derby.

Doug Harder reminded us of our “All You Can Eat” pancake breakfast be held at the Applebee’s’ located in the old Southwest mall area. Cost is $7.00 per customer and the club keeps $5.00 so let’s go hustle those tickets.

Peter Pauwels praised the clock exhibition outing as being most excellent.

Ken Kelley read a very nice thank you letter thanking us for donations from the “Friends Of Mankind.” Also shared a missive from “ATTS” and reminded everyone that the Board Of Director’s meeting would directly follow.

Manley indicated the raffle was successful raising $7100 for Craig. He thanked club members who gave of their time; Kelly, Duncan, R Smith and Pauwels. Scott also mentioned that the VPs for the golf tournament were to meet that evening at Pinehurst At 5:00PM.

6th Annual Soap Box Derby flyer

On May 19, fellow Sertoman Bill Cherf, Author "Bow Tie" was our program. He has a new web page:    Check it out.

Jim Rees has King Soopers coupons. The club receives 5% but only 4 people regularly use the service. There is a new program now, you start by purchasing a card from Jim for a minimum $25, then you can add to that card, up to $500, at a store, using your credit/debit cards. That way, you can gain the rewards for using your charge card and the club still gets the 5%. SEE JIM NOW.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:

Sertoman of the Day:    Norm Schillo, born 10 Sep, 1927 and raised in north Denver (and proud of it). He is proud to now be an octogenarian. He attended public school in north Denver. Of the 5 elementary schools, 2 have been demolished. He went to Skinner Jr. High and North High.

Norm went into the Navy in 1945, the same day he graduated from high school, for WWII. The war ended while he was in boot camp and although he didn’t get to Sail the High Seas, he did get to Puget Sound. He messed around for a couple years after the Navy. His father finally got a hold of him and convinced him to pick a trade. He went into bricklaying. He started his own company after 7 years. He ran that business for 13 years. Then had a marina in Granby for 2 years and then sold real estate for 2 years. He eventually got into homebuilding and did well for 15 years before the economy dropped out so he retired. Norm worked with Mike Magee and Will Martinez when he was learning what manual labor means.

He had 3 daughters with his first wife, Mary Lou. He met his present wife Ann while playing Tennis with Tommy Fry at Pinehurst and they were married in 1997. From that marriage he inherited several more family members. He’s now been married to Ann for 13 years.

Norm has 3 daughters, 5 g-kids and 10 gg-kids on his side with one due shortly. Ann had 4 sons and 10 g-kids but no great grandkids. Bill Anderson brought him into the club.

Program:  Peter Pauwels – Introduced our program for the day Mr. Hilton Perry. Perry has his own company which will inspect the level of fire safety found in your home and/or place of business He displayed several examples of home type equipment comparing features and benefits from one to the next. Hilton is at ufs13@comcast,net.


Upcoming programs:
Index of past programs programs.pdf

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Upcoming SOD list

Mar 15 - Regular Meeting – SOD Bob Schlageter
Mar 22 - Regular Meeting – SOD Don Smith
Mar 29 - Regular MeetingSOD Randy Smith

(BOD means Board of Dir. meeting)

Soapbox Derby Jun 2nd & 3rd
Pancake breakfast: July 21st
22 Annual Arapahoe Sertoma Fall Golf Classic Aug. 28th

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New club photo page:

If you have an old vehicle you want to donate, checkout Cars for C.U.R.E.
Goto or call (720) 490-4009

Consumer Alert:

The 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office
Joins Federal and Nonprofit Partners for
National Consumer Protection Week 2012

Article submitted by John Skoglund, Director of Consumer Protection for the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office in Colorado.  

The Office of the District Attorney, 18th Judicial District, is joining with federal, state, and local government agencies and national organizations to celebrate the 14th annual National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW) March 4-10, 2012.  During NCPW, organizations share tips and information that help consumers protect their privacy, manage money and debt, avoid identity theft, frauds and scams.  Here in Colorado, the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office would like to warn you about Sweepstakes and Foreign Lotteries and how to avoid being scammed. 
If you receive a letter or telephone call stating “It’s your luck day, you’re a winner!”  Be very skeptical.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Thousands of people receive solicitations every day in some form or fashion asking them to pay a fee in order to receive the prize.  The fee is disguised in a number of different ways, including:
·        As a shipping and handling fee.
·        As a tax.
·        As an insurance cost. 
Con artists sometimes send a check claiming it is part of your winnings, telling you to deposit the check and asking you to send a portion of the money back to them for processing fees.  If you have truly won a prize, you do not have to pay some type of fee in order to obtain your winnings. 
Foreign lottery promoters contact United States citizens via the telephone and mail trying to entice them to enter a lottery.  It is against federal law to purchase lottery tickets via the telephone or through the mail. 
Things to remember to avoid being scammed:
·        “Think” – did you really enter a sweepstakes or contest?
·        You don’t have to pay to collect the prize.
·        Don’t provide personal information, including credit card information.
·        Add your telephone number to the Do Not Call registry.
§  Colorado    1-800-382-7041 or
§  National     1-888-382-1222 or
·        Opt out of direct mail solicitations.
§  Mail a written request asking to be removed from marketing lists - include your name, complete home address, and signature to: DMA Mail Preference Service, Box 643 Carmel, NY 10512-0643 or on-line at ($5.00 fee for on-line request).
·        Opt of e-mail solicitations.
§  Use the Direct Marketing Associations form at to opt out of unsolicited commercial e-mail.
·        Don’t feel pressured to send money.
·        Ask for something in writing – legitimate promoters will provide details about the contest.
·        Verify legitimacy of the sweepstakes promoter with the Better Business Bureau or a Consumer Protection Agency.
·        Remember, con artists are not your friend and they lie! 
In prize promotions, telemarketers must:
·        Tell you the odds of winning.
·        Tell you there is no cost to win or participate.
·        If asked, tell you how to participate without costing you anything.
·        Tell you the conditions you must meet to win prize.

The Deceptive Mail Prevention and Enforcement Act prohibit:
·        Claims stating you are a winner unless you have actually won.
·        Buying something to enter the contest or receiving future mailings.
·        Mailing fake checks not marked non-negotiable or of no cash value.
·        Mailings that imply they are from a government agency (by using seals, names or endorsements). 
Remember, you are in control of the situation!  You do not have to pay to win a sweepstakes!  Prizes are awarded by chance.  If the promoter wants you to pay, it is a fraud! 
Criminally prosecuting foreign sweepstakes and lotteries is a challenge, because the individual(s) committing the crime could be anywhere in the world.  The District Attorney’s Consumer Protection Line provides assistance to victims of crime and answers questions on white collar crime issues. If you have a question or need assistance, call the Consumer Protection Line at 720-874-8547 or visit the District Attorney’s Web site at
For National Consumer Protection week, you can go to to read, view, download and order multiple copies of educational materials provided by NCPW partners and to see a calendar of events nationwide.