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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....March 9, 2017
This weeks Reporter- Don Smith

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Guests:   Alice Perkins, Jim’s wife:  Mike Makaroff, the Program today, brought a couple of his friends, Mike Macey and Todd Brophy.  Mike indicated to me that he wants to join the club. 

FINES:  No good deed goes unpunished here, Gary Athey was fined for receiving his GEM Award.  Great work Gary.

Birthdays:   n/a

Announcements:   Mike Ballew's wife passed away last week, she had a major stroke. Services are set for 11AM, Saturday March 25th, Mississippi Ave Baptist church in Aurora  (13231 E Mississippi Ave, Aurora, CO 80012  which is about 2 blocks west of I-225 and E. Mississippi Ave. on the north side of the Ave.). Cremation is next week with Internment in Port Arthur, Texas with her folks. Appreciates calls of concern from Sertoman's. 303-220-5644

One of our Newest and most Active members, Gary Athey, received his GEM Award and was pinned.  Gary has brought in a new member and fulfilled all the requirements to earn the award.  Great work Gary, keep it up.

Listen to presentation to Gary

Bob suggested a book “On Fire” by John O’Leary 

Bob Buckland and maybe Scott Manley will be attending a meeting April 1st to see what can be done with the money raised in the past  “Walk’s” that was held a couple years ago and the money that is sitting in the bank that hasn’t been donated yet.   We have a couple ideas and since we helped raise about 75% of the money, we might have a say in how that money is donated.

Dave Miley announced we will have a club outing to K-1 Racing again this year.  It will be held March 17th, a Friday.  Same format as last year and if you own a helmet, you are welcome to use it instead of theirs.   THERE IS PLENTY OF ROOM SO INVITE FRIENDS AND RELATIVES SO WE HAVE A GREAT TURNOUT.  

Dave also mentioned that the Englewood Chamber is having a GALA event March 28th at the Elks club, 6-10pm and $25/person or you can sponsor a table.  See Dave for more details.

Remember, if you bring in a new member and he stays 6 months, you get Free Dues - per new member for a quarter.  A couple members just qualified for this perk.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:     

Sertoman of the Day:   Don Smith was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1946. His parents were both Colorado natives and were transferred back to the Denver area six months later.

After the Navy tour, Don went to work in Southern California as an assembly line worker for a company that made metal desks, then Orange County Communications and then worked  for a rock, sand and gravel company. Due to back pain from an automobile accident 3 years earlier, he packed up the family and moved to Nebraska were he did land leveling for a couple years before going to tech school to learn electronics. After school, he worked for King Radio in Kansas.

Don started working for the railroads in 1980 when he hired on with the ATSF in Emporia, KS.  In 1984, he transferred to Pueblo and worked there until his job was abolished.  He ended up quitting the Santa Fe and worked briefly at CFI Steel Mill in Pueblo, then with the D&RGW RR. In 1993, he was laid off and 4 months later, was hired by the BN (BNSF)  in Denver and had been there until his retirement Sep. 2nd, 2012.  2 months later he turned 65 so is now both retired and on the government’s health plan (Medicare). 

Don married #3 (Jean) in 1996, she gets credit for the look and feel of our web page and newsletter.  His current hobbies are dirt bike riding, sometimes with McKim, driving the trains at Tiny Town in the summer and driving a pick-up van for Project C.U.R.E.  He is now making some contacts so he can do a little flying.   Mike Ballew brought him into the club about 21 years ago.     Listen to Don Smith.mp3

Program: John Vierthaler again introduced our program, Mike Makaroff.  Mike was here about a year ago talking politics and supporting Dr. Ben Carson.  Although the Dr. didn’t make it to the final cut, Mike supported our newest President, Donald Trump.

Mike’s talk’s today was about President Trump, the security of this country and all the stuff going on in Washington and about the dumbing down of our young kids so they can be indoctrinated into left minded thinking.   Plus, he read some portions of a book The Naked Communist and how our country is following those ideas.

Max Blumenthal heavily criticized the book in his 2009 book Republican Gomorrah, where he dismissed it as a "right-peddling conspiracy tract".[5] In contrast, the book has been highly praised by American conservatives Glenn Beck and Ben Carson,[6] the latter of whom stated that “The Naked Communist lays out the whole progressive plan. It is unbelievable how fast it has been achieved.

  ( )

Mike also wrote a book, Call To America and shortly after he had it published, the publisher went out of business.  He is in the process of writing another book.  (hope he finds a better publisher).  

Listen to Mike Makaroff.mp3 

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