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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....May 13, 2010
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

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Quote:   America is a great place, any child can grow up to be President or any child that doesn’t grow up can be vice President. Johnny Carson

Guests:   n/a

Fines: Table one for poor attendance and acting President Jim.

Announcements:  Scott filled in for Randy and said they can use volunteers for the Colorado Walk 4 hearing May 22nd at Clement Park. Contact Randy.

Rick Campbell says they need volunteers for the practice race Sat. and Sun. Contact him if you are interested in helping out.

The club will be having a sealed vote May 27th (a non binding vote) on whether we want to allow women to the club. please mail a yes or no vote to P.O. Box 38, Englewood, CO 80151 asap so your vote can be counted, it will be kept private. You can have a proxy vote for you if you will not be at the meeting. Voting slips will be handed out at the May 27th meeting.

Pat McKim reminded us we need players for the upcoming Poker Night on May 25th. The prizes are getting better and the grand prize so far is the donation of a condo for the weekend in Beaver Creek that can sleep 17 people. Our lunch hostess has donated several prizes. We have over $8,000 in prizes so far and only about 44 signed up.. The donation is also tax deductible.

Rick Campbell says our driver, Eric, was at the practice race last week and the real race could use volunteers. See Rick. We will have the Lemonade stand set up there so we need some hands squishing Lemons June 5 and 6.

Installation Banquet is set for Friday, June 25th at Red Rocks. $25 per person and club will make up the difference. We also have openings for a couple positions as Chairman of Committees.

Get it on your calendar, the 2012 Convention will be in KC, MO.

Will Martinez has King Soopers coupons. The club receives 5% but only 4 people regularly use the service. The card is like a debit card so it’s easy to use. 



Mabe Downey was today’s Sertoman of the Day.. He also said he thought he had been the SOD over 30 times. Mabe was born in Alabama and raised in Tennessee, but grew up in Englewood, his family coming here in 1944 and buying a house. He spent a year at DU before entering the Air Force between 1951-1952 where he served in Korea. He then was a meter reader before opening an insurance office and eventually got into real estate.

Mabe Downey.JPG

Mabe joined a magicians club a few years ago and in the past, has entertained us with some of his tricks. He was the charter President of the Sunset Sertoma Club in about 1968 before it faded and then he came to the Arapahoe Club. Steve Bolyard got him into the Sunset Club and

Dick Graham asked him to come to the Arapahoe Club. He has been married a couple of times
and has 2 sons and 3 grandsons. Mabe is currently single, but perhaps the magic lamp trick might provide him with a future companion. Mabe is also retired.
Mabe told us a little about one of his sons that started life with a very serious problem with his intestines twisted but the surgery was a great success and went on to play many sports and have a good life until one day he came up missing and was later found with a self inflected gun shot wound to the head. He was 51yrs, 2mo. Mabe said he was a good son for all those years.
He ended with his old faithful undercooked chicken joke


Program:  Scott Manley introduced John Barnes, who came today to talk about 18 Lessons from Golf about life is a funny, inspirational perspective about golf and its applications. The best life lessons are humorous, and JOHN BARNES mixes his passion for the game and its many lessons with his ability as a former stand-up comedian to entertain and inspire. Mr. Barnes connects the victories, failures, and challenges of golf and golfers to business, relationships, spirit, and life in general.

John Barnes.JPG

John told a story of when of his told him he should enter a Dan Reeves sound alike contest on KOA radio station at about the time the Broncos were getting ready to play the Cleveland Browns in Denver in the AFC playoff. When they finally put him on the air, he jumped right in talking like Dan Reeves and the station people got all excited and they got the real Dan Reeves on another phone so the tow were on together and John had Dan laughing and John won the contest and some tickets to the game. About 6 months later, John saw Dan signing autographs at the old Lake Side mall and Dan’s daughter was there so went up to her and told her who he was that he had won the contest the she said Dad really wanted to meet John (John figuring Dan wanted to kill him) but Dan couldn’t have been nicer and John had met him several times after that. What John learned later was that Dan was driving to work during the contest and thought he would call into the contest to enter until he heard John.

John went on to tell some stories and take questions from the group. One thing he did say was that the easiest way for a tour caddy to get fired is to tell his man what NOT to do.

John is participating in the 8th Annual Summer Solstice Golf Marathon on June 14th to benefit Denver Kids Inc. If you would like to sponsor him for $1.00 to $10.00 per hole or a contribution level of your choosing, contact or contact John at: Tele: 303-917-0661, John is in the investment business.

Upcoming programs:
May 20th: Joe Rice, State Representative Colorado State House District 38
In June: A Russian spy and Gayle Norton
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                       Upcoming SOD list
May 20 – Regular Meeting – SOD Joe Dowdey
May 27 – Regular Meeting – SOD Carl Duncan
June 3 - Regular Meeting – SOD Dick Enslow
June 10 - Regular Meeting and BODSOD Tom Fry
June 17 - Regular Meeting – SOD Joe Geers
June 24 - Regular Meeting – SOD Phil Grimm

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