by: Don Smith

THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....May 18, 2006
This weeks Reporter-Carl Duncan

Mason/Miley   Downey     Harder


DISTRICT ANNOUNCEMENTS: A tour of Mile Hi stadium is scheduled for Sunday June 11. District leadership conference will be held at the E Orchard campus of Regis Univ on Sat June 17. Newly elected officers are expected to attend. See below for a list of the slate of new officers. Plan ahead for the Fall district conference on Sep 23. (more details at end of newsletter, along with a downloadable registration form).

            NEW OFFICERS::
Board of Directors Chairman: Jack Marshall
Club President: Bob Hogge
Vice presidents: Carl Duncan, Jim Rees, George Hannes
1 year Director: Jim Perkins, Dave Penland
2 year Director: Nick Morrone, Don Smith, Tim Pollak
Bingo: Dick Enslow
Secretary: Sterling Cain
Treasurer: Rick Campbell

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Tim Pollak announced that the R P U is up and rolling again. He invites all who would like to share the honor of escorting the Rolling Promotional Unit in parades in various exotic parts of town (Golden, Littleton etc) to join him, He needs help in carrying the banner and pushing the R P U. Do not be shy - expose yourself to the public by
marching in a parade.

The scrap book, to be given to Carol Worth, still needs your personal notes, pictures and other memorabilia. Submit these items to Joe Dowdey.

The annual Golf Scramble will start at 12 noon on Tuesday, June 27. See Bill Parchen to sign up.

The officer installation banquet will take place at 6 PM on Friday, June 23, at the Red Rocks Country Club. Sign up sheets are forthcoming.

HANDSHAKE PRIZE: Bob Gallagher was rewarded for one of his infrequent appearances by being awarded the prize.


Dean Hiss is a typical West Kansas farm boy. He milked cows, slopped hogs, drove a tractor and left to join the Navy during WWII. After attending Washington Univ in Topeka Ks, Dean worked for Boeing. He came to Denver in 1954 and worked for a string of S & L's . In 1971 he entered the real estate appraisal business with his son. Dean has been married to Mary for 57 years. Steve Bolyard brought him into the club.

PROGRAM:  Robert Cote (pronounced co-TAY) came to Colorado in 1977.  He was a substance abuser and decided to not commit suicide on the installment plan but rather to have a life.  He created the program STEP 13 in 1983 to help other addicts regain control of their lives.  His approach emphasizes "real change not spare change".  It recognizes addicts do what they do "because they want to" so if they really wish to change then they must decided to quit the abuse and "go to work".  STEP 13 helps find employment and also has several work projects, such as auto detailing and various construction trades..

The average stay at STEP 13 is 1-1/2 years and their success rate is 38%.  Cote's biggest problem is all of the government and private social programs which are just misdirected compassion.  These programs only "enable" the addict to continue to do what they want to do which is to avoid responsibility for themselves and continue a destructive life style.

Bob Gallagher   Jim Helmick   Jim Perkins


           On the calendar ..   
         May 25 - Regular Meeting - SOD Rick Jacobus ?
                Program: D.A. Bill Ritter
         June 1 - Regular Meeting -
SOD Howie Kelsall ?
                Program: John Adler, WWII Holocaust
         June 8 - Regular Meeting - SOD
                Program: Mary Schreiner, House Exchange


May 22 - E Team
May 29 - A Team
June 5  - B Team
June 12 - C Team
June 19 - D Team
June 26 - E Team

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SERTOMA District Leadership Conference

(Download Registration Form)

The Combined Central Colorado and Front Range District's Leadership Conference will be held Sat., June 17, 2006, from 8:00am to 12:00 noon (registration, coffee, and rolls 8:00 to 8:30).

The conference will be held in the Harlequin Bldg. at the Regis University Tech Center campus which is at 7600 E. Orchard, just west of I-25 on the south side of Orchard. After entering, go down one floor (main entrance on 2nd floor) and go to Room #89.

All members of the District's Clubs are invited and encouraged to attend with emphasis on members who will be in Leadership positions (Officers, Board members, committee chairs, etc.) for the upcoming FY 2006-2007.

Details will follow with the agenda and other information.

For questions, please call Jerry Wheeler at 303-741-5378; Marty Morgan at 303-752-2088, or Merritt Sherer at 303-757-2134.