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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....May 20, 2010
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

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Quote:   I don’t feel old. I don’t feel anything until noon. Then it’s rime for my nap. Bob Hope

Guests:   n/a

Fines: Bruce Elsey for wrong date on attendance slip.

Announcements:   Slate of Officers for the upcoming year:
COB: John Vierthaler                         VP Sponsorship: Ken Kelley
President: Jim Perkins                         VP Membership: Doug Harder
Secretary: Scott Manley                      VP Programs: Randy Smith
Tres. Will Martinez                              Social: Gus Szala ?
Ways & Means: ?                               Attend/Publicity: Don Smith
Sgt. @ Arms: Geoff Strohn                  Incentives: D. Miley & J. Geers
Sponsorship/Finance: D. Enslow & P. Pauwels

Randy said they can use volunteers for the Colorado Walk 4 Hearing May 22nd at Clement Park. Contact Randy.

The club will be having a sealed vote May 27th NEXT WEEK (a non binding vote) on whether we want to allow women into the club. Please mail a yes or no vote to P.O. Box 38, Englewood, CO 80151 asap so your vote can be counted, it will be kept private. You can have a proxy vote for you if you will not be at the meeting. Voting slips will be handed out at the May 27th meeting.

5 days until the Poker Night, get registered and bring a friend but pass this on. We need players for the upcoming Poker Night on May 25th. The prizes are getting better and the grand prize so far is the donation of a condo for the weekend in Beaver Creek that can sleep 17 people. Our lunch hostess has donated several prizes. We have over $8,000 in prizes so far and only about 44 signed up. The donation is also tax deductible.

Soap Box Derby coming soon. We will have the Lemonade stand set up there so we need some hands squishing Lemons June 5 and 6.

Greater Englewood golf tournament, Jun 11. See Scott

Installation Banquet is set for Friday, June 25th at Red Rocks. $25 per person and club will make up the difference. We also have openings for a couple positions as Chairman of Committees.

S.W. Sertoma golf tournament July 12. See Scott

Get it on your calendar, the 2012 Convention will be in KC, MO.

Will Martinez has King Soopers coupons. The club receives 5% but only 4 people regularly use the service. The card is like a debit card so it’s easy to use.



The birth of Carl Duncan in 1930, like Fred Downs, ushered in the Great Depression. Duncan's parents were school teachers who maintained employment during this era in small rural schools. They met and were married in Burlington. Carl was born in 1930 in Alamosa and 2 weeks later, the family moved to Cortez and was there first 6 years of his life. The family moved to the coal mining community of Oak Creek in 1936 where the main form of entertainment was tackle football with or without pads.

Carl Duncan.JPG

In 1940 they relocated to Avondale, a gentle farm community 15 miles east of Pueblo on the Arkansas River where the main form of entertainment was softball. Carl mentioned that per capital, Avondale is the murder capital of the U.S. with 2 murders and a population of 350. In playing softball, Duncan's first painful learning experience was to catch a fly ball with the hands rather than in the chest like a football. Duncan obtained a BA degree from the Univ. of Colorado and was drafted during the Korean War into the 101st Air Borne, was a Company Clerk and was sent to Germany because he could speak the language. He had 5 months of heavy weapon training but ended up playing the French Horn in the band.

Carl recovered from the warped mentality instilled by the liberals at CU and obtained an MBA degree form DU and became a CPA, using the GI bill. In 1962 he settled in Denver and was unleashed as a CPA on an unsuspecting public. Carl was brought into the club June 2003 by Steve Bolyard. Carl was married in 1957 to ?? (he never says) for 52 years now, they have 3 kids and 7 G-kids.


Program:  Ken Kelley introduced Joe Rice, State Representative Colorado State House District 38. Joe came today to talk about Iraq and Afghanistan.

After helping Iraqi security forces learn how to set up a crime scene in Baghdad, fixing the state budget might not seem so challenging to Col. Joe Rice, who just completed his fourth tour of duty in Iraq and is soon returning back to Colorado to his job as a state representative

Joe Rice.JPG

"There has been progress but it's fragile and potentially reversible," said the Littleton Democrat who was back in Colorado for one day before going back to Fort Benning in Georgia until the end of November. "It's going to take a lot of time before we can say that things are stable.

"I think that's just the nature of conflict in the 21st century. It's not like World War II where you have a victory date and everybody agrees the war is over and now we can start the next phase. The conflict of the 21st century is just different," Rice said.

Rice is with the U.S. Army Reserves and was stationed in the Iraqi capital city. Because of the surge, U.S. forces are now limited to the countryside. That means day-to-day security operations, including the guarding of folks like Rice, is conducted by Iraqis.

"They can handle a lot of it on their own," he said.
While we may watch television programs like CSI and think crime labs and yellow tape are inherent in our DNA, that's the stage of the training now for Iraqi security forces. They are learning how to protect crime scenes, protect evidence and use modern technology to present evidence in a courtroom.

"It's one thing to train an Iraqi policeman, it's another to train a detective," Rice said. "It's another to set up forensic capabilities, forensic labs and you have to then train folks how to use them."

Rice says he still strongly believes in the American mission in the Middle East and that further engagement should be cultural and economic in nature. The result he says will be a safer United States.

"It's a moral obligation I believe we have to the Iraqi people and I think it directly affects our national security," he said. "It's a life-changing experience that you never really leave."
(Copyright KUSA*TV, All Rights Reserved)

You view his presentation here:   Iraq-Afghanistan - 20 Min Format.pdf


Upcoming programs:
May 27: vote a, no program
In June: A Russian spy and Gayle Norton (not at the same time)

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                       Upcoming SOD list
May 27 – Regular Meeting – SOD Joe Dowdey
June 3 - Regular Meeting – SOD Dick Enslow
June 10 - Regular Meeting and BODSOD Tom Fry
June 17 - Regular Meeting – SOD Joe Geers
June 24 - Regular Meeting – SOD Phil Grimm

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I couldn't find that I had posted this so here it is.

You did it again ! At first count we again made a good return on our 3 hours.

Mr. Enslow will have final numbers. My guess $1800 plus.

Our staff is well trained and capable of handling any emergency. The major ones included serving a plain,

Nuttin on it pancake to a young lady, cleaning syrup off a man’s shirt, jump starting a car and last, updated information on whether the Rockies will play today.

We now have an addition to the dish washing crew, Joe Geers. Tim Pollack decided not to stay and continue doing it through lunch. Joe & Tim are relief’s for Jim Helmick.

Bob Schlageter did the Health Inspections, and Bob Stein took over orange juice requirements. The greeters Jim Perkins and Doug Harder did a great job of getting people to seats and were able to obtain a large number of tips. Doug using a click counter, not the one he uses on the golf course that only goes up to 20, but one that indicated we served including members about 100 guests.

The following members served, cleaned up tables and filled in at any spot help was needed. I noticed that many have now reached the point they can take a stack of dirty dishes, cups and glasses in one trip! Ed Bezjak, Rick Campbell, Joe Dowdey, Dean Hiss, Scott Manley, Will Martinez, and Norm Schillo.

If I missed your name here my apologies.

While I mentioned at the last meeting that we now have done this 3 times about 6 months apart maybe we should not do it too often and consider once year. This topic came up at the breakfast and the comments were surprising.

They ran from Jim Helmick’s comment, “Let’s go for 9 months this is a good and fun one” to,

“It’s fun to just have time to talk to each other more than we get to do at a meeting”

“I liked seeing the kids and grandchildren here”, “First chance I have had to talk to Renee in a long time”.

In addition there was considerable talk about those who couldn’t make health issues etc. One of our best couldn’t make it. Ken Kelley is in bed with a severe case of the flu. He had to have an IV of sodium chloride to help combat it. No more news on his condition as of today.

Jim Perkins again lead in ticket sales. Thanks Perk!!

If the club decides to have another breakfast please consider someone else to handle it. I will help but plan on a Sabbatical.

My thanks to all of our members, everyone helped in some way !!

George Hannes