by: Don Smith

THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....May 25, 2006
This weeks Reporter-Carl Duncan

Mason   Campbell     Harder

GUESTS: The Democratic candidate for Governor of Colorado, Bill Ritter, was our speaker. As a result, the number of guests is impressive. McKim brought Chad McConathy. Morrone brought Glen Burckhardt. Not only was John Vierthaler responsible for bringing Bill Ritter, he also brought Cork Caicota and Chuck Hemphill. Rick Campbell was also in line for most guests; he introduced Ryan Mofett, Mike Porreca and Mat Pacheco. The prettiest guest was Jean Smith, who was presented by none other than her husband Don Smith.  At this point Bezjak was back in form and proposed the "motley crew" fine which was overwhelmingly imposed on Don Smith.

DISTRICT ANNOUNCEMENTS: A tour of Mile Hi stadium is scheduled for Sunday June 11. District leadership conference will be held at the E Orchard campus of Regis Univ on Saturday June 17.  Newly elected officers are expected to attend.  See below for a list of the slate of new officers.  Plan ahead for the Fall district conference on Sep 23. (more details at end of newsletter, along with a downloadable registration form).

            NEW OFFICERS::
Board of Directors Chairman: Jack Marshall
Club President: Bob Hogge
Vice presidents: Carl Duncan, Jim Rees, George Hannes
1 year Director: Jim Perkins, Dave Penland
2 year Director: Nick Morrone, Don Smith, Tim Pollak
Bingo: Dick Enslow
Secretary: Sterling Cain
Treasurer: Rick Campbell

ANNOUNCEMENTS: The sign-up sheet for the installation banquet at Red Rocks Country Club on Friday, June 23, was passed around.  If you missed it or are undecided, be here next Thursday when it will be passed around again.

Bingo had a good night last Monday. E Team deposited $6,500. A Team is up for Monday the 29th. This is memorial day and Mason is anticipating a good turnout so team members need to get there early to be prepared. Dave Penland is in charge of a list of volunteers who are willing to serve extra duty in case a team member cannot make it or a super large crowd shows up. So call him to find replacements and/or extra help.

HANDSHAKE PRIZE: Somebody has taken our supply of mugs, caps and pens. In the absence of anything to hand out, no prize was awarded. Dave Miley suggested that all of us who have been awarded this prize in the past, might return them so there will be something to hand out in the future. Handshake recycle is born.


Howie Kelsall was scheduled but was unable to attend today's meeting. So no "flying five" was paid to anybody.

PROGRAM:  Bill Ritter was introduced as one who has lived a life of service. He was the 6th in a family of 12 children. With the help of others, including a Sertoma scholarship, Ritter graduated from CSU. He is the product of the COLORADO PROMISE which enabled a kid off the farm to run for Governor of the state of Colorado.

Ritter was Deputy District Attorney for over 5 years when he left to work in a food distribution program in Zambia for 3 years. Upon his return he served as a federal prosecutor and then became District Attorney in 1993.

In order to perpetuate the COLORADO PROMISE for future generations, Ritter envisions a new emerging economy in which government will help business by being a catalyst for economic development. Wind farms and alternative fuel facilities may be the answer for the distress in the eastern plains. School reform is needed in order improve Colorado's bad record in high school achievement. This will help provide an educated workforce necessary to attract new business. Increased emphasis on marketing will target both tourists and business. Research facilities at all of Colorado's institutions of higher learning can be harnessed to provide technology and guidance in solving economic and social problems. And finally, the passage of referendum C has provided state government with the financial resources needed to improve and maintain our highways and bridges.

(Bill Ritter TRYING to explain some simple concepts to the club)

n/a   Dick Mason    n/a

          On the calendar ..   
         June 1 - Regular Meeting -
SOD Rick Jacobus
                Program: John Adler, WWII Holocaust
         June 8 - Regular Meeting - SOD Howie Kelsall
                Program: Mary Schreiner, House Exchange
         June 13 - Board Meeting
         June 15 - Regular Meeting - SOD Dick Laskey
         June 22 - Regular Meeting - SOD Mike Magee
         June 29 - Regular Meeting - SOD Don Marshal


May 29 - A Team
June 5  - B Team
June 12 - C Team
June 19 - D Team
June 26 - E Team


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SERTOMA District Leadership Conference

(Download Registration Form)

The Combined Central Colorado and Front Range District's Leadership Conference will be held Sat., June 17, 2006, from 8:00am to 12:00 noon (registration, coffee, and rolls 8:00 to 8:30).

The conference will be held in the Harlequin Bldg. at the Regis University Tech Center campus which is at 7600 E. Orchard, just west of I-25 on the south side of Orchard. After entering, go down one floor (main entrance on 2nd floor) and go to Room #89.

All members of the District's Clubs are invited and encouraged to attend with emphasis on members who will be in Leadership positions (Officers, Board members, committee chairs, etc.) for the upcoming FY 2006-2007.

Details will follow with the agenda and other information.

For questions, please call Jerry Wheeler at 303-741-5378; Marty Morgan at 303-752-2088, or Merritt Sherer at 303-757-2134.

Subject: Sertoma Baseball Camp Info

LODO Field of Dreams June 22-24, 2006. We are also holding a 2-hour soccer camp with the Colorado Rapids on the afternoon of July 26 in Westminster. I'll have more info on that a little later.
Thank you.
Kathy Matlack


Also, the Littleton club has its annual golf tournament at Heather Ridge on Monday, June 12th. If you would like to play or put a foursome together, contact any of the fine folks at the Littleton club. If you need contact info, just let me know, Mike Ballew