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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....May 28, 2015
This weeks Reporter- Don Smith

news_l3.gif    Norm Schillo    Dick Enslow  news_l5.gif    Doug Harder

Guests:  Linda Holloway’s mother, Peggy Shelton

Fines:  n/a this week

Announcements:  Doug had everyone sitting on their hands and biting their nails waiting to see who was going to be ram rodded into being the next club President. Doug wanted everyone to call Pat to congratulate him and wish him well for stepping up to the plate……just kidding. Bill Benton stepped up and will be President again. THANK YOU BILL….we can all breath again.

Mike Magee will be the new Secretary and most other officers remain doing what they were doing.

Glenn wanted to give an update on the new Foundation member but it turned out that Scott can not be on the Foundation & be the Chairman of the Board so Glenn is going back to the drawing board.

Bill reported on the great results we had on our last Poker Tournament and the almost $8,000 we made. Thanks Pat, you came through again.

Dave Miley reported on the Englewood Monument event this last weekend, he said it was a great event to attend.

Orian had more information on the upcoming Induction (Intimidation) Banquet at Red Rocks CC to be held June 12th. Click the highlighted text for more info. The Board did vote to off set some of the dinner cost so what is your excuse for not going?

The Board of Directors have voted to sponsor one 4 man team in Southwest Sertoma's Annual Golf tournament on Monday, July 13, 2015. Bob Stein mentioned he had sent an e-mail to all that were drawn.

Remember, if you bring in a new member and he stays 6 months, you get Free Dues - per new member for a quarter.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:     

Sertoman of the Day:     Dave Miley said most of us had heard his story many times so this week, he talked about the Bronze Star he received in Viet Nam and flying jet aircraft (comes in second to sex). Listen to the audio for those details.

Dave Miley was born on the day FDR was inaugurated for the 3rd time, Jan 20th, 1941, in Indianapolis, Ind., next to the White River, in the Merion Co. Methodist Hospital (the same hospital the race car drivers go to if they have an accident). He grew up near a racetrack and in the winter, the kids would sled down the banked turns of the track.

At the age of 4, the family moved to Denver in 1944, his father worked at the Remington Arms plant but that only lasted 6 months do to the end of the War. In 1951, the family lived on Elati St. and Dave and Bob Schlageter terrorized the neighborhood. At 13, Dave’s dad told “Shorty” he could start crawling around in attics installing insulation. He could do 7 houses a day at $3/house. Dave attended several grade schools but graduated from Englewood High in 1959. Dave played football in H.S. with Dough Harder’s brother, Dave and somehow, Dave and Dave switched girlfriends.

Dave graduated from CSU with a major in Business Admin and ROTC. In 1964, he joined the U.S. Air Force, went to flight school in Williams, AZ and served with the 352nd in Vietnam. After 6-1/2 years, he left the service in 1971 and since the airlines were laying pilots off, Dave got his Real Estate license and now does mostly commercial stuff. Dave earned the Bronze Star.

Dave married Karen Nov. 25th 1959 and they have 2 kids and 3 grandkids. Karen was a classmate of Dave’s and he is still active in the church they got married in. Bob Voth got Dave to join the South Suburban club in ‘72’, and then switched to Arapahoe. He was the President in ‘78’ and Governor in ‘95’. He has held all positions except secretary. He was also the Sertoman of the Year in 1991. Dave is a military history buff and he likes golf and auto racing, especially midgets. In Jan, he goes to OK to watch indoor racing. He also is a foster pet owner with 3 Greyhound’s.
Listen to Dave Miley.mp3

Program:   Once we got done ribbing him for his “Cancer Awarness Shirt”, Randy Smith introduced Linda Holloway, Co-Founder/Development Director of Bessie’s Hope. Linda has been to the club several times in the past but this time, not as the Front Range Governor but as speaker for the organization she help start. There was some technicalities showing a video but you can see it by going to the link below and clicking on the YouTube video..

Bessie's Hope (formerly Rainbow Bridge) began with a spiritual vision received by one of the co-founders. She heard a distinct voice repeating, "Bring them together, the young and the old", and she saw what was to become the work of Bessie's Hope. Inspired by her grandmother's tragic nursing home experience and by the loneliness she observed in nursing homes, Linda Holloway, and co-founders, Sharron Brandrup and Marge Utne, worked to create an organization that would bring community awareness and participation into nursing homes. Sharron and Linda began taking groups of children to visit nursing home residents in 1989. Evidence of the life-transforming benefit to both populations led to the formation of a 501c3 non-profit corporation in 1993. In the summer of 1994, Linda's and Sharron's original musical entitled "Rainbow Bridge, an Intergenerational Musical" was produced at the Denver Center for Performing Arts. It attracted tremendous media attention, both locally and nationally. In the fall of 1994, the Rainbow Bridge volunteer programs were officially begun.            Listen to Linda Holloway.mp3

Upcoming programs and events :
May 30th - Bessie's Hope Motorcycle Poker Run
June 5 – Englewood Chamber Golf: Harder, Jacobus, Mason & Buckland
June 4 – Todd McPherson, Dir. Of InterFaith
June 11 – Freedom Essay Winners
June 12 - Induction Banquette
July 13 - 19th Annual Charity Golf Tournament
Sep – 2015 Mtn. West Reg. Conv. In Estes Park
List of future programs        Past programs.pdf

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Upcoming SOD list
Jun 4 – Jim Perkins
Jun 11 – Tim Pollak & BOD
Jun 18 – Jim Rees
(BOD means Board Of Dir. meeting)

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