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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW .... May 3, 2012
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

news_l3.gif Don Smith       news_l4.jpg  Rick Jacobus      news_l5.gif  Rev. Robinson

Guests:   Lawrence Holtz, introduced by Dean Hiss. Dean found him at the front door of the Elk's.

Fines:   Norm Schillo for interrupting the Chair; Fry 50¢ for vandalizing Bezjak’s badge (the word retired was changed to retarded); McKim for sending a card to Peter Pauwels about the Chocolate Therapist as a program suggestion..

Announcements:  Peter thanked all those that gave program suggestions with one exception, McKim….(actually, after doing a web search, if the web page I found is the one McKim is suggesting, Peter should be fined for not getting her scheduled).

Enslow made several announcements, the one that got the most response was that he won’t be at lunch next week.

Dick also lost the A-1 Raffle sign-up sheet that was passed around last week but it may have been found….and there will be a Pine Hurst committee meeting next week.

Dave Miley – has obtained sponsorship packets for our upcoming golf tournament. See him if you need one. Now is the time to start rounding up sponsors…This may be our BIG fund raising event this year so we need to get behind it. Also need AUCTION Items, anything will do.   SEE FLYER AT BOTTOM OF THIS NEWSLETTER.

Jim Rees announced that he only had one King Soopers card left but is going to buy a few more. The club receives 5%.    ALSO, any money for the Pine Hurst Golf Tournament is to be run through him.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:

Sertoman of the Day:   Bill Benton (Mr. Tooth Pick), is a Denver native - entering the scene Sunday, October 14, 1928 during the depression, coming in at 7lbs 1 oz. He went through Mitchell Elementary, Cole Jr. High and Graduated from Manual High School, all in Denver – joined the Navy in 1946 and served for 3 years, 2 months as a photographer, and was stationed on Guam for about 21 months and returned to Denver and graduated from the University of Denver in 1954 on the GI Bill. He then went to work for Bear Frame and Axle.

Bill Benton.JPG
(I forgot to get Bill's mug shot this year)

Bill married Betty in 1954 (who passed away in 1995, the day after Christmas). Daughter Cindy is retired from Metro West Fire, and a son still flying the nation’s air routes with United. Bill also has a granddaughter that is 25 and a snowboarder ski bum. She moved to the mountains to be close to the slopes.

Bill has peddled cars for Burt Chevy since 1964 but the dealer is been sold so every day Bill goes to work, he looks at the sign out front. He claims to have sold over 23,000 cars and still going. He was asked if he held the title of being the longest employee at Burt but he isn’t, he is real close though. Burt is now owned by John Elway. A little history of Burt Chevrolet and the Elway deal:

Bill had a ‘significant other’ Gail, whom just passed away April 9th. Bill was brought into Sertoma by Bill Anderson, some 30 plus years ago, back in the days when we met at Wyatt’s cafeteria. He’s been a consistent and faithful doer of good deeds ever since. Bill says that if you light 84 candles, you can boil 9.6 oz of water.      Listen to BillBenton.mp3

Program:   Peter Pauwels introduced Steven Hahn and several members of The Hangout, a: Brain Injury Rehab group. They have 2 locations, Central (720 341-8437) 1212 Mariposa St, Denver on Tuesdays and South (720 317-8924) 3444 S. Emerson St, Englewood on Thursdays.

Hangin group.JPG

About Us:
We are a group of survivors of brain injury, friends and family, medical professionals and other interested parties that meet weekly to share resources, to network, and to socialize. We get together for various activities (going to Museums, baseball games, holiday parties) hearing guest speakers, and more--all planned by group members.

Why Should I Attend The Hangout?
Learn new skills
Meet people
Find out about resources
Reintegrate into the community
Become more independent
Work with other people
Learn about ourselves
Network with peers
Have some fun!
Who Can Attend?
You must be able to participate in the group, or have someone with you who can assist you. Also, you are responsible for arranging your own transportation to meetings, outings, and other group events.           Listen to    Hangin Group.mp3       Newsletter.jpg

The group is having a fund raiser garage sale May 11th and 12th. See flyer If you have anything you would like to donate, bring them to lunch next week and Peter will get them delivered to the event.


Upcoming programs:

5/10 The Wright Brothers
5/17 Paula Luzinski: A Long Walk
5/24 Doug Clark, candidate for Arapahoe Cty. Commissioner
5/31 Joe Sloan: Denver water; Water issues in Colorado
6/7 Dan Reid, Support a Soldier
Index of past programs programs.pdf
 pot2.gifDon Nelson  dollars.gifBruce Elsey

Upcoming SOD list
May 10 - Regular Meeting & BODSODMike Ballew
May 17- Regular Meeting – SOD Ed Bezjak
May 24- Regular Meeting – SOD Bob Buckland
May 31- Regular Meeting – SODRick Campbel

(BOD means Board of Dir. meeting)

Soapbox Derby Jun 2nd & 3rd
16th Annual Charity Golf Tournament July 16th
Pancake breakfast: July 21st
22nd Annual Arapahoe Sertoma Fall Golf Classic Aug. 28th

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If you have an old vehicle you want to donate, checkout Cars for C.U.R.E.
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