by: Don Smith

THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....May 4, 2006
This weeks Reporter-Carl Duncan

Fry   Dowdey     Harder

GUESTS: Today's guests were Margot Newman, Director of Marketing and Development, and Jill Wayne, Executive Director of the Center for Hearing Speech and Language. They came to personally thank the club for the raffle donation. Jim Rees said the Red Cross silent auction did well and made special mention of the help he received from RENEE CAMPBELL in organizing the raffle affair.

President Marshall inducted STERLING CAIN as our newest member. Sterling was born in California but his parents moved him to Arkansas at an early age and on to Florida when he was a teenager. Stearling attended the University of Central Florida and later studied law at Florida State University.

He got married in 1991 and has a 2 year old daughter. Sterling is currently a computer consultant and has his office with Computer HQ located at 3290 S Bannock in Englewood. Bezjak immediately proposed a 50 cent fine on Sterling so that he might feel welcome and right at home with the club.

After some hesitation, Parchen described this initiation ceremony to be one of the worst he has ever heard and therefore proposed a fine on Dowdey for not training Marshall in the ways of induction ceremonies. Although Dowdey claimed that Marshall was "untrainable" the fine passed.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Doug Harder announced the slate of officers for next year. Jack Marshall will become Chairman of the Board and Bob Hogge will be President. Vice presidents include Carl Duncan, Jim Rees and George Hannes. Dave Penalnd, Jim Perkins, and Bob Schlageter will be directors. Rick Campbell will be treasurer and Dick Enslow will be in charge of bingo. The position of Secretary remains unfilled. Are there any volunteers out there?

A special scrapbook is being prepared for Carol Worth. Space is available for short personal messages from any of us who wish to write a note of special remembrance about one's association with Bill.

BINGO IS A GO! In fact so much time was consumed by Dick uuuuuh Enslow in describing the new facility at So Federal and Mansfield that there was no time for the SERTOMAN OF THE DAY.   (Bingo info from last week reprinted at bottom of page). As for learning about the new bingo facility, it starts at 7 instead of 7:3 so all team members must arrive one half hour earlier than before. Your personal orientation will take place on the site at that time.

Do to running short of time, Jim Helmick agreed to be SOD next week.
(Wow, what a sport, thanks Jim)

PROGRAM:   Mabe Downey introduced Tom Keller, Korean War Veteran,, member of several veterans organizations, and military historian. However today's lecture was a biographical sketch of NICOLA TESLA. Tesla was born in 1856 of Serbian parents in the Croatia sector of former Yugoslavia. Tesla was blessed with a fantastic IQ which he used to obtain PHD's in physics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and mathematics. He has been judged to be among 100 of the most important people who have lived in the last 1000 years. Because he is a man "out of his time" or perhaps better described as a man a way ahead of his time, he is not that well known.

He came to America in 1882 and initially worked with Thomas Edison. His inventive genius surpassed that of Edison and they became rivals. Some of Tesla's inventions include MRI's. X-ray machines, micro waves (currently used in ovens), electron microscopes, Tesla coils, AC current, vacuum tubes (formerly used in computers) fluorescent lights. Sixty years after his death in 1943, many of his ideas and discoveries are finding a myriad of useful applications in our everyday lives.

?   Don Smith   none

           On the calendar ..   
         May 9 -  Board of Directors meeting 6:pm
         May 11 - Regular Meeting - SOD Jim Helmick
                Program: Greg Moody from t.v.
         May 18 - Regular Meeting - SOD Rick Jacobus
         May 25 - Regular Meeting - SOD Howie Kelsall
                Program: D.A. Bill Ritter
         June 1 - Regular Meeting -
                Program: John Adler, WWII Holocaust
         June 8 - Regular Meeting - SOD
                Program: Mary Schreiner, House Exchange


May  8 - C Team
May 15 - D Team
May 22 -  Team
May 29 -  Team
June 5 - Team
June 12 - Team
June 19 - Team
June 26 - Team

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(Reprint) Bingo is now officially back ON Monday May 8th with the C Team (Enslow) starting the first night.  This coming Monday May 1 st at 4:00pm we will walk the hall, get acquainted with the set-up and sign the documents etc…  Please feel free to come by and check it out.  Enslow and C Team will be in charge of moving all of the supplies from Alec’s warehouse to the new hall.  Not too much, one truckload of supplies, please contact Alec to arrange this transport.  I will arrange for Security this first night and each Monday from there on.  We’ll get the first TWO weeks rent for Free, next two $330, and from then-on it’s $400/night.  Bingo starts at 7:00pm , ½ hour earlier than before.  ALL workers should arrive NO LATER than 5:30pm to set-up.  (See Pat for bank info)  Lastly, I will TRY to keep the 5 teams, we will be at @8 men per team including CAPTAIN and CALLER.  D Team and E Team NEED NEW CALLER, someone will NEED to VOLUNTEER!  As soon as possible I’ll try to have a NEW ROSTER sent to ALL members.  FOR NOW C TEAM should be ALL set to start Monday May 8th, 5:30PM !!

ALL Arapahoe SERTOMA members be notified we begin with C TEAM MONDAY MAY 8th @ 5:30pm , Bingo Starts at 7:00pm .  Mark your calendars until I can get the teams and schedules sorted-out.  

Thanks, see you on Monday @ 4:00pm Bingo City (Federal just South of Hampden Ave). Patrick Mckim, CFP

Calendar web page has been updated to show new bingo dates, but without the team letter.

District Attorney
Eighteenth Judicial District
Serving: Arapahoe, Douglas, Elbert and Lincoln Counties

Please join your District Attorney, Carol Chambers for coffee.

May 11, 2006
7:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m.
1500 Littleton Blvd.
Littleton , CO 80120

June 7, 2006
7:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m.
9155 S. Park Meadows Dr.
Lone Tree , CO 80124

Discuss issues affecting Douglas and Arapahoe County and share
your ideas, concerns, or suggestions.

What do you feel is the number one priority in your community?

  • Communication     
  • Domestic Violence
  • Theft                      
  • Drugs                    
  • Alcohol                  
  • Juvenile Justice