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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....May 6, 2010
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

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If you have never done it before, click the music note and the flag above, should hear our theme song and a prayer.

Quote:   Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm

Guests:   Norm Schillo brought Jim Britton.

Fines: Geers, Combellick, Martinez and Strohn all fined for not knowing what the date is.

Announcements:  Randy Smith passed a sign-up sheet for the Colorado Walk 4 hearing May 22th at Clement Park.

Rick Campbell says they need volunteers for the practice race Sat. and Sun. Contact him if you are interested in helping out.

The club will be having a sealed vote May 27th (a non binding vote) on whether we want to allow women to the club. Bob Reffels niece would like to join when she returns to Colorado. This is an emotional issue as many members are here because it is a male only club and there are women only clubs in the area. One thought is that by allowing women, we might gain membership but will it be at the loss of current members?  On the other hand we need to be looking to the future as our club is beginning to age and times are changing,  Coed clubs are struggling gaining new or retaining members also.  For members that haven’t been to a meeting, please mail a yes or no vote to P.O. Box 38, Englewood, CO 80151 asap so your vote can be counted, it will be kept private.

Pat McKim reminded us we need players for the upcoming Poker Night on May 25th. The prizes are getting better and the grand prize so far is the donation of a condo for the weekend in Beaver Creek that can sleep 17 people. Our lunch hostess has donated several prizes. We have over $8,000 in prizes so far and only about 44 signed up.. The donation is also tax deductible.

Jim Rees acquired a license for the club to use our lemon aide stand in Jeffco. There is an event in Highlands Ranch July 4th. Any one interested in working the stand?

Will Martinez has King Soopers coupons. The club receives 5% but only 4 people regularly use the service. The card is like a debit card so it’s easy to use. 



The Cat Dr., Dr. Bruce Elsey, was greeted with a room full of “MEOWS”. He open with this: What if the hokey pokey IS what it’s all about…..He was born on Sept 11, 1951 in Garden City, KS. Went to H.S. there and it is still standing. The river that runs through it is the Arkansas (pronounced Ar Kansas. With a draft number of 23, Bruce just missed being called into the service in the early 70’s because Viet Nam was winding down and Saigon fell.

Bruce Elsey.JPG

Bruce married Kathleen in 1976 and graduated from Vet school in 1977. They have twin sons born in 1982 and graduated from KS St. Bruce now owns the cat clinic but is semi-retired and sells cat litter.
He mentioned Garden City had the largest outdoor concrete swimming pool that was free until they added things like a slide and now charge to use the facility.
Significant dates in the life of DR BUCE ELSEY, DVM are as follows:
1951 age 0 born in Garden City Ks
1961 age 10 sorted pop bottles for his father's store
1965-67 age 14 repaired roofs and performed other construction jobs due to a tornado
1969 age 18 entered the livestock industry by raising hogs
1976 age 25 married Kathleen
1977 age 26 graduated veterinary school (Kansas State Univ)
1978 age 27 started All Cat Clinic in Englewood
1979 age 28 brought into the club by Steve Bolyard
1982 age 31 twin boys were born
1989 age 38 started selling his special brand of cat litter (my cat loves to poop in it)
2008 age 57 gave a couple famous sayings from President Eisenhower (he was from Kansas). (I didn’t get them recorded). Let’s keep Kathleen in our prayers.


Program:  Scott Manley introduced Dr. Patrick Ryan (Paddy) was born in England and has lived in Jersey, the Channel islands, Fiji, New Zealand, Sarawak, Australia and the US. He has a doctorate in zoology and is currently employed at Johnson & Wales University in Denver where he is a full professor. He also teaches as an Adjunct Professor at the Colorado School of Mines.

Dr Patrick Ryan 1.jpg Dr Patrick Ryan.jpg

He is a keen, widely published, nature photographer who has written a number of books including the Snorkeller’s Guide to the Coral Reef, Riordland Underwater – New Zealand’s Hidden Wilderness, Fiji’s Natural Heritage and most recently Kri Eco – Raja Ampat. He has been diving for 30 years and taking underwater photographs for nearly all of that time. He’s a PADI dive master with well over 1000 dives to his credit. He has dived in Cozumel, The Sea of Cortez, Samoa, Fiji, the Solomon Islands, the Great Barrier Reef, the Bahamas, Belize, New Zealand and Indonesia. Next year he is leading a dive trip to Fiji.

Paddy is a biologist who has also been a photographer since he was given his first camera, a box brownie, at the age of seven. Since then he has steadily honed his photographic skills. Widely published, in his own and other publications, he has extended his love of photography both to the internet and public speaking. Curious Critters is an idiosyncratic ramble through the animal kingdom. It draws heavily on Paddy’s land and underwater photography from numerous field trips to exotic locations. Dr Ryan investigate various ways in which animals survive in a hostile world and will provide you with an entertaining journey through aspects of nature that will surprise and delight you.
See bottom for more pictures.

Upcoming programs:
May 13th: John Barnes, 18 Lessons from Golf about life.
May 20th: Joe Rice, State Representative Colorado State House District 38
May 27th: Club discusion about opening the club to women
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                       Upcoming SOD list
May 13 – Regular Meeting and BODSOD Joe Dowdey
May 20 – Regular Meeting – SOD Mabe Downey
May 27 – Regular Meeting – SOD Carl Duncan

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Pictures by Dr. Patrich Ryan

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