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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....May 7, 2015
This weeks Reporter- Don Smith

news_l3.gif    Mike Magee   Mike Ballew  news_l5.gif    Rev. Robinson

Guests:  Rev. Robinson introduced his LSC Vicky Oren.

Fines:  n/a this week

Announcements:  Dean Hiss has been moved to the assisted living facility near Bellview and Monaco. He is doing fine, they just can’t get his blood work adjusted.

Scott Manley is back and he is pitching the upcoming A-1 raffle. Last years winner was Pat McKim and he is leaving tomorrow to enjoy his winnings.

Doug announced the upcoming Past President’s meeting, Tuesday May 12th at 7pm. Location is Christ Lutheran Church (at Yale & Franklin St.) and Doug is buying. It was rumered that if you don’t show up, you might be selected to have a second term as President.

Dave Miley announced the 4 winners to attend the Englewood Chamber Golf Tournament June 5th. Harder, Jacobus, Mason & Buckland. If they bring $50 next week, they can play.

Pat McKim – Pat has tickets for The poker party which will be held Tuesday, May 19th from 6-12pm at the Elks club. Price will be $65 again. Start rounding up prospective players. Beer and Wine – cash bar – with a light dinner included.
Some information on how to play is at:

Pat stressed the need to come up with 160 players for maximum returns given this is about our only income. Checks made out to Arapahoe Sertoma or CASH.

Orian passed around a sign-up sheet for the upcoming Induction Banquet at Red Rocks CC to be held June 12th. More to follow.

Those 12 that signed up for the Pine Hurst Golf Tournament July 13th will have to wait until the Board votes on paying for a 4-some either next week or the regular scheduled meeting in 2 weeks.

This weeks Birthdays go to: Tom Fry and Glenn Combellick

Remember, if you bring in a new member and he stays 6 months, you get Free Dues - per new member for a quarter.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:     

Sertoman of the Day:    Cliff Metsker, you know Cliff, he comes each time it’s his turn to be the SOD……returned again today to share his life story and any other tid bits he can think of.

Cliff Metsker was born south of Nashville, TN in 1951. Cliff’s mother flew back to the U.S. just so Cliff could be born an American. Cliff and his family lived in Saudi Arabia for his first six years. His dad was a pilot for Saudi Arabia's airline. He had an interesting childhood of ferrying back and forth between Tennessee and Saudi Arabia. After his father was laid off, his family packed up and moved to a very large cattle/dairy farm in the San Luis Valley after a brief stop in TN.

With a twin brother, another set of twins and two other siblings he and his family ran cattle, sheep and various dairy cows on a farm near Center, CO. Graduating from Center High School (which is still standing) he enrolled at CSU (Tractor Tech) – He played Football and Basketball to get his tuition paid. Upon graduation he moved to Dillon, Montana for 6 years and in 1980 went back to Center, CO. He said he really enjoyed the time in Montana.

He left the farm to work for the Marshall Management Produce Company and managed an implement company, he then sold out, got married to Mary in 1987 and moved to Denver (Littleton to be exact) and opened a State Farm insurance agency. He is now a broker/agent for Farm Bureau Insurance with offices in Lakewood and Broomfield. John Pifer signed him up.

Cliff has no children, but he does have 5 brothers and sisters. He has a twin brother who is a tall, goofy fellow that looks nothing like him. His mother is still alive at 93 and still driving but his dad passed away 2 years ago. He enjoys skiing, golfing, fishing and fine literature. There was no military; he said he would have made to big of a target.
Listen to Cliff Metsker.mp3

Program:  John Vierthaler introduced George McDermith who came to tell us about a program for blind cyclest’s called Eyecycle of Colorado.

Mission Statement
The mission of Eyecycle Colorado is to enhance the quality of life and independence of our blind and visually impaired stokers by offering organized tandem rides in and around the Denver Metro area. We also promote Club multi day rides for our more experienced sighted captain and blind stoker teams.

To accomplish these goals we recruit and train sighted captains (front seat of the tandem bike) and team them up with a blind or visually impaired stoker (back seat of the tandem bike). Our ride schedule is from May through October and approximately every other Saturday/Sunday for 20 to 40 miles. We use the incredibly well maintained Colorado trails and try to share and communicate its natural beauty. Eyecycle Colorado is a partnership of cycling, communication, and fun!         Listen to George McDermith.mp3

Upcoming programs and events :
May 12 – Past President’s meeting
May 16th – Don't Walk in Silence - Celebrate Sound
May 16th-17th – A-1 Scuba fundraiser
May 19th – Poker Party @ Elks club
May 30th - Bessie's Hope Motorcycle Poker Run
June 5 – Englewood Chamber Golf: Harder, Jacobus, Mason & Buckland
June 12 - Induction Banquette
July 13 - 19th Annual Charity Golf Tournament
Sep – 2015 Mtn. West Reg. Conv. In Estes Park
List of future programs        Past programs.pdf

dollars.gif    Bob Buckland  pot2.gif Jim Perkins     handshake.gif    n/a

Upcoming SOD list
May 14 - Dick Mason & BOD
May 21 – Dave Miley
May 28 – Jim Perkins
(BOD means Board Of Dir. meeting)

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