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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....November 16, 2006
This weeks Reporter-Sterling Cain

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Guests:  Pete Degroot, guest of Jim Rees. He is a partner with Southwest Concrete Pumping
“Distinguished” Guests: Jerry Wheeler, District Governor, Mike Camelio, District Secretary and Lois Kemerling with Dry Creek Sertoma.

Fines:   Fine to Pollack for poor language usage skills by someone with a PhD. Passed.

Benton: was unable to purchase King Soopers coupons because McGee didn't have any. Fine of $.25 to McGee. Passed (narrowly).

Mike Magee proposed a two bit to Joe Dowdey for implying that Rees' guest was not distinguished... Passed unanimously

Announcements:  Penland: Feb 2 nd rush party, 7:00pm at the elks. You will be expected to attend and bring a guest.

Pollak: Sertoma mile high soap box derby has been sanctioned and will be held on June 2 nd and 3 rd. Website is http://www.smhsbd.com for more information. Also, There will not be any parades until at around Memorial Day. And, we have sold all but two of our entertainment books. We were given two free books so all $25 from the sales of these books will go to the club. *The books then promptly sold. And finally, promotion club won an award for the RPU for best float in a parade.

Morrone: Christmas party on December 9 th at Hannes house at 5pm. Call Nick at home if you were unable to sign up at the meeting today. $10 per person. Each person attending please bring a $10 gift and mark it man or woman.

Enslow: Belated report for D team, 6 th, November - 3912 attendance, 80 people, 294 progressive. Last week was E team 3667 deposit, 75 attendance 309 progressive. A team up on Monday. Bingo gave some money to foundation. Missed the details. Progressive is over $6000. Want to get to $10,000 or above before we give it away.

A team is scheduled for Christmas Day. B team is scheduled for News Years Day. We need to decide if we want to cover it. We have the opportunity to make some money because the attendance is historically higher on those dates. A team declined Christmas. We have enough volunteers to cover New Years.

Lois Kemerling: Santa Claus letters. Each child that you fill it out for is $5.00. You then get a return letter from Santa Claus postmarked from the North Pole. The money then goes to charity.

Harder: Dick Greene is in the hospital in intensive care with two bleeding ulcers. He cannot have visitors but we need to send him flowers. Approved.

Jerry Wheeler and Mike Camelio presented Mike Ballew with a past governors pin in recognition for his service as governor for the district for the past two years.

Jerry Wheeler: Have 227 members in the district with is a net increase of 6 since June. Magazine talks about the clubs and members. The Sertoma Digest focuses on the infrastructure of the club. Talks about the board, the foundation, membership. Make sure you read those publications when you get them.

There is an online publication that you can also get that you need to read as well. In the latest issue they expressed a desire for members to let them know about any fellow members that are serving in the military so they can properly honor them. He also spoke about the HEAR project.

Also please download and print the on-line brochures that you can hand out to guests and at your fund raising functions for the local clubs.

He complemented us on our club newsletters. Not every club does one and it is nice to see clubs that do. It is essential to keep folks informed about news and events that we may have.

Awards are coming up. Due date is December 1 st. It is a great opportunity to recognize members of the community and members of your club.

February 19 th is a reception for Larry Sheely. Will be about $15.00 . Larry Sheely will be there and would like to have good attendance for him.

Steve Hoeinwater (president elect) passed away.

Parchen: Is the gold coat program still in effect? Jerry: it is now a blue coat.


PROGRAM:   John Vierthaler: introducing Sean Raymond. Post-grad at UC Boulder. Raised in Switzerland. Went to Bowden college in Maine. Received a Phd in astronomy from University of Washington, specializes in studying the formation of planets.

Creates simulations of planetary systems in his computer by tweaking the variables for our own solar system. Uses it to demonstrate that even with a few minor changes you could wind up with a waterless earth or a bunch of mini-earths or dual suns with ocean bound earth like planets.

Talked about how the re-definition of the term “planet” excluded Pluto from that classification. Random fact: the Sun makes up about 99.9/1000 percent of the matter in our solar system. Pluto was actually demoted to “dwarf planet” because of the discovery of another large body in our solar system called Eris that is larger then Pluto.

1) The body has to be large enough to form itself into a ball using it's own gravity.

2) The body has to orbit the sun.

3) The body has to clear out its own orbit. Pluto was demoted for this reason because it crosses the orbits of other planets and does not “dominate” it's orbit. This puts it into the same class as Eris which has a similar non-dominate orbit.

Random fact: Venus is an extreme example of the greenhouse effect. The surface of the planet is 700°

C (about 1000° F). Until recently we have not been able to observe the surface of Venus due to the extreme cloud cover. Recent technology has been able to pierce the clouds and give us a better idea of the surface conditions.

The regions where stars and planets form are large clouds of gas. One of the most famous being the Orion nebula. There are many new stars forming with planets forming around them. They both form from clumps of dust within the clouds.

Currently the speculation is that you have to have a planet with liquid water to support life. Size also matters. Large earth-like planets tend to be all water, smaller planets, like Mars, tend to be desert planets.

One of the things that is coming to light is that Earth is very unusual in that it falls within a very narrow band of planets that is able to support life. Also, the long term cycle of plate tectonics was able to bring the Earth out of several frozen snowball periods by recycling the carbon on the planet.

Now, how do you find planets? You look for wobbling stars. Stars will wobble in their orbit in response to the action of orbiting planets. The wobble that is detected is on the scale of feet per second measured from light years away. Think of a slow walk across the room.

Another way to detect planets is though eclipses or detecting changing brightness of stars indicating that a planet is passing between the star and the earth.

They think that have detected a few planets that are within the earth like range.

Questions: balls of gas planets are what? A: are called gas giants. What about definition of life? Can there be other kinds of life? A: They are working on it by looking at extreme environments here on earth and by working on what they know.     http::/lasp.colorado.edu/~raymond

     Dave Miley   


       On the calendar ..


Nov 20 - A Team
Nov 27 - B Team
Dec 4  -   C Team
Dec 11 - D Team
Dec 18 - E Team
Dec 25 - no bingo
Jan 1 - Special team



         Nov 23 - Thanksgiving   NO LUNCH
         Nov 30 - Regular Meeting - SOD
  Gus Szala
         Dec 7 - Regular Meeting - SOD John Vierthaler
         Dec 12 - Board of Directors meeting 6 p.m
         Dec 14 - Regular Meeting - SOD  Mike Ballew
              Program: Joe Epstein, Conflict Resolution Svc.  

       Dec 21 - Kids Christmas party 12 noon
       Dec 28 - Regular Meeting SOD
       Jan 4 - Regular Meeting SOD
       Feb 19 – Freedom Week at the Sheraton
       Mar 9 - Spring awards banquet
       May 3 rd - 5 th Regional in Colorado Springs.

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