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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW .... November 18, 2010
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

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Guests:    n/a

Fines:   Tom Fry couldn’t keep his jaws from flapping so he was fined, then it was doubled for passing the buck onto Leslie.

Announcements:   According to Norm, Phil Grimm is home and looking kind of shaggy. He should be back to lunch in 2 weeks.

Jack Thompson has submitted an application to rejoin the club. This is his second publishing.

NO ORIAN HUNTER AGAIN, second week in a row. (he did send an e-mail)

The Ladies from the Elk’s club sent us a Thank You note for our donation to the “I am Asher Fund”

Christmas Party for the adults will be Friday, Dec. 10th from 5-9pm. Homewood Suites 7630 Shaffer Parkway, Littleton. $33 per person gets you Leslie’s gourmet of all Gourmets evening!. Tommy Tooth says there is room for 6 more couples and he needs MONEY.

Kids Christmas Party will be Dec 23rd, a Thursday, at regular lunch time. No SOD that day. Details to follow but we need a true count so if your going to bring the wee ones, please send Don an Email and let him know.

Will Martinez has King Soopers coupons. The club receives 5% but only 4 people regularly use the service. The card is like a debit card so it’s easy to use.

Dec 4th there will be a $10 tour of the Littleton Historical Museum with the Social Dinner starting
at 4pm with dinner at Romamo’s Restaurant.
Feb 4: Duel District Wine Tasting at the Hyatt Regency DTC. Cost $75.00
Feb 15: Freedom Week. NO CLUB LUNCH on Feb 17th.


SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:      usaf.gif

Dave Miley was born on the day FDR was inaugurated for the 3rd time, Jan 20th, 1941, in Indianapolis, Ind., next to the White River, in the Merion Co. Methodist Hospital (the same hospital the race car drivers go to if they have an accident). He grew up near a racetrack and in the winter, the kids would sled down the banked turns of the track.

Dave Miley and Medal.JPG

At the age of 4, the family moved to Denver in 1944, his father worked at the Remington Arms plant but that only lasted 6 months do to the end of the War. In 1951, the family lived on Elati St. and Dave and Bob Schlageter terrorized the neighborhood. At 13, Dave’s dad told “Shorty” he could start crawling around in attics installing insulation. He could do 7 houses a day at $3/house. Dave attended several grade schools but graduated from Englewood High in 1959. Dave played football in H.S. with Dough Harder’s brother, Dave and somehow, Dave and Dave switched girl friends.

Dave graduated from CSU with a major in Business Admin. And ROTC. In 1964, he joined the U.S. Air Force, went to flight school in Williams, AZ and served with the 352nd in Vietnam. After 6-1/2 years, he left the service in 1971 and since the airlines were laying pilots off, Dave got his Real Estate license and now does mostly commercial stuff. Dave earned the Bronze Star.

Dave married Karen Nov. 25th 1959 (50 years this Nov.) and they have 2 kids and 3 grandkids. Karen was a classmate of Dave’s and he is still active in the church they got married in. Bob Voth got Dave to join the South Suburban club in ‘72’, and then switched to Arapahoe. He was the President in ‘78’ and Governor in ‘95’. He has held all positions except secretary. He was also the Sertoman of the Year in 1991. Dave is a military history buff and he likes golf and auto racing, especially midgets. In Jan, he goes to OK to watch indoor racing. He also is a foster pet owner with 3 Grayhounds.    Dave sings us a song.mp3


Program:  Randy Smith introduced Dr. Lee Bregitzer, a veterinarian that has made several trips to Africa to care for sick and injured cattle and other livestock through the Christian Veterinary Mission.

Dr Lee Bregitzer.JPG

Dr. Lee Bregitzer, opened the doors of Columbine Animal Hospital in June 1972. It is one of the longest established and best-equipped small animal facilities in the southwest Littleton area. The original Columbine Animal Hospital Staff included Lee Bregitzer and assorted friends helping out as needed. As the practice grew, full time staff was hired including Lee’s mother, Mrs. B. as the office manager and receptionist. Our staff has grown tremendously over the years consisting of 5 full time veterinarians and numerous support staff members. He is a 1969 honors graduate from Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine and did his undergraduate work at Ohio University. He is a member of Phi Zeta, the veterinary scholastic society and a Danforth scholar. He is a member of the American, Colorado, and Denver Veterinary Medical Societies, and a practitioner affiliate of the American Animal Hospital Association. He is also a full fellow in the Veterinary Laser Surgical Society. His passions in veterinary medicine include diseases of the ear and laser surgery. Outside of the office, he enjoys flying hot air balloons, fishing, golfing, dancing and spending time with his grandson. Lee and his wife Max have 2 adult children and are also the parents of 3 dachshunds, Sherman, Lily, and Stanley. Dr. Bregitzer continues to do missionary work with the Christian Veterinary
Mission in both Africa and Nepal.        Hear audio here.mp3

Upcoming programs:
handshake.gif  Norm Schillo   pot2.gif  Peter Pauwels   dollars.gif Bob Schlageter

     Upcoming SOD list

Dec 2 - Regular Meeting - SOD Don Nelson
Dec 9 - Regular Meeting & BOD - SOD Barney O’Grady
Dec 16 - Regular Meeting - SOD Peter Pauwels
Dec 23 - Kids Christmas party - NO SOD
Dec 30 - Regular Meeting - SOD Jim Perkins


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