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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....Nov 1, 2007
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

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The president started the meeting by announcing it was the first meeting of December. O-kay

Fines:   Two bits to Nick for making an announcement and not standing.

Guests: None

Announcements:  Jim Robinson is still in critical condition but is improving slowly. His church has suspended daily updates but will post any changes.
. http://www.christlutherandenver.org/prayers.html

Rick Jacobus announced there was a 4-some available to use up and 4 members signed up.

Norm Schillo announced his wife, Anne from La Sertoma, is selling poinsettia again this year. A sign-up sheet was passed around but if you weren’t at lunch and want to order some, call him.

Nick mentioned that a good time was had by all at the Monday Night Football gathering.

Phil announced the 25 th Annual Charity Raffle is under way and we need donations for door prizes and the silent auction. This gala event will be held April 19 th, 2008 at Pinehurst Country Club. Any donations will be acknowledged in the program. Get a hold of Phil and make your donations. For a list of some of the Charities we have donated to in the past, go to the “sponsorship” page: http://arapahoe-sertoma.org/sponsorship.htm

Bingo Report: 93 attendance. Deposited $5300. Team members, be sure to get there on time if not a little early. If your late, it makes it that much harder for the other team member, not to mention we not providing the service the players want. E-Team up next week. Be there or get a replacement.

The Bingo hall is giving away turkeys during the month of November.

Tim still has entertainment books. Please sell them! He will need to start collecting on people with outstanding balances. Don’t make him have to get the bat. This is the last week. If you don’t contact him now, he is returning a full case.

All things come together eventually so the “Sandbaggers” golf award was given to Mike Bellew.


Jim Perkins graced us today as our SOD. Jim was born in Warrior, Alabama in 1946, 34 years to the day after Sertoma International was founded.

"Warrior was a lot like Mayberry RFD only we didn’t have Andy Griffin, we had Miss Mavis. MM was our local fallin woman with a son born out of wedlock so to help out, the town council made her mayor and junior the deputy sheriff."

"Junior was a few millenniums short of being a Mensa candidate. He used to ride around town on his bicycle with helper wheels sporting Hoyle playing cards held on by clothes pins, keeping tabs on the town’s parking meters. He could cover both meters between coffee breaks. "

"Warrior is just an itty bitty place. It’s soo small the town council voted to put up a mirror on one end."

Jim must have really really enjoyed the hospital wherein he was born because as an infant, he returned to the scene of the crime. This time, to be treated for IP, better known as Polio. He survived but not unscathed. He grew up with a crippled arm and leg. That had a huge influence on his personality.

Jim has lived in Denver since 1950. He attended Abraham Lincoln High School. It is, of course, still standing.

He is a self proclaimed sports nut.  His 2 best sports were bowling and golf, the problem being for either game, the scores were the same. No matter what he was involved in, he always tried too hard to be the best. It could be sports, board games, boy scouts, bible class or any group activity.

He has been married twice. He has two children. His son served in Iraq but is now back home, he is scheduled to retire soon. His daughter is Joe Dowdey's neighbor. Jim has seven grandkids.

Jim worked summers at Elitch, until he wrecked their train. He then worked at the Colorado Department of Highways as a data “collector”, which was a bit more along the lines of a data “modifier”. He then went on to work as a cabinet maker.

Jim’s final, and main career was for Norgan (sp?) where he started as a sub assembler. He worked his way up to be the product manager for the Americas and the Pacific Rim. While working at Norgan he was able to finish his degree and went on to complete an MBA. Then, on March 10th, 1993 he fell down icy steps while attending a trade show in Chicago. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, which rendered him paraplegic. He continued to work for Norgan, retiring in 1998.

Jim joined the Arapahoe Sertoma Club in 2003. He was brought into the club by Joe Dowdey.

Program:  Late cancellation, no program. Program chairmen, please inform Don Smith on upcoming programs AND, if you know of a late cancellation, let the Pres. know so he can maybe get a temporary program. ANYONE, if you know of a program that would come on short notice, let someone know.

  John Vierthaler      Don Smith (again)


       On the calendar .. www.arapahoe-sertoma.org/cal.htm

Sertoma Application form: app.pdf



Nov 2 - E Team
Nov 9 - A Team
Nov 16 - B Team
Nov 23 - C Team
Nov 30 - D Team
Dec 7 - E Team



Nov 8 - Regular Meeting - SOD - Pifer
Nov 13 - Board of Directors meeting - 6 p.m. All members welcome
Nov 15 - Regular Meeting - SOD - Pollak
Nov 22 - Thanksgiving
Nov 29 - Regular Meeting - SOD - Rees
Dec 6 - Regular Meeting - SOD - Robinson

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