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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....November 2, 2006
This weeks Reporter-Sterling Cain

Mob rule   Campbell      Rev. Jim

Guests: None

Fines:   Fines of $1.00 each to Carl Duncan and Bill Foerster for attempting to subversively hide their relationship to the program presentor.

Announcements:  Norm's wife is doing poinsettias again this year

Pat McKim gave the bingo report. 86 players. Solid team without help from the backup list. $3800 deposit. D Team up next week.

Tim Pollak, ways and means met. Charity raffle discussion. Need suggestions for an organization that is willing to put on our charity raffle. Looking at Saturday, April 28th as the date.

Tim Pollak also has entertainment books still available.

Mike McGee has King Soopers coupons.

Nick Morrone. Planing the Christmas party. Going to have the club Christmas party at George Hannes' house. Date will be the 2 nd or 9 th of December. The kid's Christmas party will be on the 21st.

Next weeks meeting will be at the Wellshire Inn. The club is picking up the tab. We have 29 people signed up to attend. Please do your best to make it. Contact Hogge if you are not on the list and he need to make a last minute addition or substitution.



Bob Stein. Bob's father was in the army. Bob went to school here in the Denver area. Went to Regis HS. Dropped out of college and went into military service for 4 years in the US Navy. Went into banking. Graduated from university of Wisconsin with degree in finance.

Joined the club in 1974. Currently runs a self service car wash. Gary Castel? brought him into the club. The club was a closed club at that time with a maximum of two of any profession. Has been a gold coat president. Has been a district governor. Was regional secretary for two regional directors.

Met his wife, Diane, at church if you can imagine that. Has one daughter, one son-in-law, and one granddaughter. They work for BP down in Texas.

No questions? Great!


PROGRAM:   Carl Duncan is program director for the month. He has done a lot of delegating this year. Which has made him very happy.

Ms. Bonney Deuschle (Carl's Daughter and Bill Foerster's niece – gotta keep them honest!). Bonney is a native of Littleton and member of Littleton Sertoma club. She went to Heritage High. Went to the University of Northern Colorado. Degree in Finance. Sells long term care insurance.

She is with Genworth Financial. She gave a powerpoint presentation talking about the benefits/need for long term care insurance (Complete with worksheet and evaluation form.)

Important facts and figures:

  • Long term care kicks in when you cannot perform 2 or more of the 6 activities of daily living.
  • 42% of Americans who reach the age of 70 will need long term care.
  • $62,400 annually is the average nursing home cost.
  • Common long term care options are to lean on family, the government (medicare/medicaid), personal assets or to transfer the risk (private insurance).
  • If you are looking for the government to take care of you then you need to know two things. First, hiding your assets is now a felony. Second, the government recently extended the look back period for looking at your assets to 5 years. If you are middle class it is now your responsibility to pay for your own long term care.
  • Medical plans only cover the specialized care, not custodial. Disability only covers your loss of income. You can end up spending all of your disability on paying for your custodial care.
  • Look at daily/monthly benefit amounts, elimination periods, benefit periods, inflation protection, premium discounts and care coordination.
Contact Bonney at: bdeuschle@msn.com 720 261-2193

Steve Bolyard & Dave Miley     John Pieffer   Mabe Downey


       On the calendar ..


Nov 6 -   D Team
Nov 13 - E Team
Nov 20 - A Team
Nov 27 - B Team
Dec 4  -   C Team
Dec 11 - D Team
Dec 18 - E Team



         Nov 9 - Chamber Of Commerce luncheon
        Nov 14 - Board Metting 6p.m.  
        Nov 16 - Regular Meeting - SOD  Gus Szala
              Program: Sean Raymond, Galaxy hold planets
                                like Earth?
         Nov 23 - Thanksgiving   NO LUNCH
         Nov 30 - Regular Meeting - SOD
 John Vierthaler
         Dec 7 - Regular Meeting - SOD  Mike Ballew
         Dec 12 - Board of Directors meeting 6 p.m
         Dec 14 - Regular Meeting - SOD   Bill Benton
              Program: Joe Epstein, Conflict Resolution Svc.  

       Dec 21 - Kids Christmas party

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Movie review: Must see Flags of our Father.


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