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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....November 30, 2006
This weeks Reporter-Sterling Cain

“Some Damned Tenor”    All      Rev Jim

Guests:  None

Fines:   Fine to Sargent at Arms for dereliction of duty for not charging late fines. Seconded. Passed.
Bezjak: Two bits of Vierthaler for bringing his paralegal on a cheap lunch date. Passed.

Announcements: Norm Schillo: Next Monday on the fourth we will be gathering the Poinsettias from the South West Sertoma Club. He will have them here at the lodge for the meeting next Thursday. Please bring your money or you checkbooks.

Bill Parchen: Carol Worth would like us to take all the old Arapahoe Sertoma files and store them. We need someone to store all the archives at some point.

Bingo report: Last week B Team had a $4350 deposit and 79 people.

Enslow: C Team next week. Please be there by at least 5:45PM if not earlier.

Hogge: Serious issue, bingo. Bingo is not going well. Lost $852 over the last four weeks. The captains would like to drop bingo and give away the progressive on January 1.

Motion to have a business meeting... club felt that separate meeting was not necessary. (at first)

Point was raised that Alec knows the details. We will have him show up at the meeting next week to get some more information on the direction of the industry and we will make the decision then.

Morrone: The Christmas party will be December 9th at 5:00PM at George Hannes' house 3936 S. PINEHURST CIRCLE. This is the last week to sign up. Next Wednesday (Dec 6th) is the last day to cancel out without getting charged. $10 Per Person-Includes finger food but not a formal dinner, ALCOHOLIC & NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. George has directions to his house available. Nick is starting to collect the money today for the party.    Any who have not signed up can do so by calling Nick Morrone @ 303-795-0720     EACH PERSON ATTENDING PLEASE BRING A $10 GIFT & MARK IT FOR A MAN OR WOMAN


Motion that Pifer work every bingo until we're through. Failed.

Convention May 3rd - 5th regional. Hogge has registration forms.

Meet and greet with international president on Feb 19th, $10.


Gus Szala was born in East Chicago , Indiana in 1930. Grew up on Lake Michigan . Hammond High School which has been demolished. Drafted in 1951 into the Army, Gus ended up at Ft. Bliss . He was commissioned and was headed for Korea the night the truce was signed. Spent 6 months on tour, got an early release. Gus went to Purdue University and graduated in 1959. Moved to California and took a job with Lockheed. Then on a whim took a European ski vacation for 6 months. Came back in 1963. Started at Space Technology Labs, now Northrop Grumman.

Gus was married Carolyn in 1983, celebrating 23 years officially (and many more before that).

He wanted to get out of California since the smog and people were terrible. Had opportunity to come out to Buckley AFB and took it. Have not regretted a day.

November of 1995 was drafted into the club by Don Neeley (Don left shortly after that).

Program Director: John Vierthaler introduced Guest speaker Ken Poncello from the Weld County Sheriff's department. Born in Security, Colorado . High School in Fairplay Colorado . Went to college at the Garden City Kansas Community College and then on to Fort Ace State University . Been in the department for 21 years. He is the commander of the traffic unit.

New system that analysis the traffic patterns of crashes on roadways that allows him to help position officers on roads that are particularly dangerous.

Gave an incentive of $5.00 off the ticket for people wearing their seatbelts. Also, will also take a point off the ticket if you agree to take a class. Good for teenagers who no longer have the option to take drivers education.

Crashes are caused by the environment, car or the driver. Of those, almost all of them are caused by the driver. They split their time between enforcement and education. Especially for teenagers. Have presentations with their office.

They use a GIS (geographical information system) to map accident data to their road system. The data is current to within three days. Weld is having to implement this because they are a very rapidly changing county. Changing from a mostly agricultural county to a commuter county. Traffic patterns are under constant stress.

At 35 traffic fatalities for the year, down from 94 for 2004. System will show the traffic accident sheet and diagram for any accident recorded in the system and is used for court presentations.

It is fatalities that drives CDOT's funding.

Having a lot of train/car fatalities because of a huge number of crossings. Also have over 800 trucking companies in the county.

The largest indicator of whether you are killed in an accident is not wearing your seatbelt.

They do not handle I-25, they leave that to the State Patrol. They cover the surface roads.

Do not track accidents based on cell phone usage. However that will be on the new traffic accident report. Worst driving ages for fatalities and DUI's is 21-35. About 35.59% of DUI accidents result in fatalities.

The are the pioneer on this system because they were large, accident prone, and part of the expanding metro area.

   Burl Ives look alike, Mr. Harder   Don Nelson    Bill Benton


       On the calendar ..


Dec 4  -  C Team
Dec 11 - D Team
Dec 18 - E Team
Dec 25 - no bingo
Jan 1 - Special team



         Dec 7 - Regular Meeting - SOD John Vierthaler
         Dec 12 - Board of Directors meeting 6 p.m
         Dec 14 - Regular Meeting - SOD  Mike Ballew
              Program: Joe Epstein, Conflict Resolution Svc.  

       Dec 21 - Kids Christmas party 12 noon
       Dec 28 - Regular Meeting SOD
       Jan 4 - Regular Meeting SOD
       Feb 19 – Freedom Week at the Sheraton
       Mar 9 - Spring awards banquet
       May 3 rd - 5 th Regional in Colorado Springs.

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