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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW .... November 8, 2012
This weeks Reporter- Don Smith

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Guests: n/a Fines:   n/a

Announcements:  Our President, Peter Pauwels, was present this week, but I think he said he will be gone next week.

Doug Harder said he had cataract surgery and now everyone looks bad but the colors are great. (I think he jumped the gun on Amendment 64).

Jim Rees announced we made $345 from the King Soopers cards.

Dick Enslow mentioned that the $900 we sent in for the “Early Bird” promotion, returned to us $1590.

Dave Miley read a letter from International about the Sponsorship fund.

Ken Kelley passed around forms and pins, if you want to donate to the Sertoma Annual Fund (Each year Sertoma raises funds annually to support scholarships and grants. Two scholarship programs, the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and the Communicative Disorders, award 45, $1,000)

Rick Jacobus informed his “Freedom Week Crew” that the Essay’s are due Nov 16th and need to be picked up and it would be handy if they could be whittled down to a few good ones per school.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:

Sertoman of the Day:   John’s Pifer was born March 22, 1942 in N Denver. Family had moved to Littleton by the first grade where he attended class in a one room school house, The area is now ACC.. In the 8th grade he was taught in the basement of Lutheran Presbyterian church. By ninth grade Littleton High School was built. Here John readily admits he pursued athletics far more than academics. He was awarded an athletic scholarship to Denver University but the school dropped football before he ever got to put on a uniform and lug the ball. John did end up with a Business Admin. Degree.

JohnPifer and Fish.JPG

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In 1965 John sold insurance, etc for State Farm, retiring in 2005. He brought some of his remaining State Farm freebies even passing out a few. As a child his first job was performing magic tricks for .05 a pop. Later he was a paperboy then 10 years as a tile setter to which he attributes his current bad back. Forty some years ago he entered the Army Reserves and served from 1967-1969. He was stationed at Fort Bliss serving as a JAG trying soldiers accused of errors in judgment in Viet Nam. His job was as a court reporter. John’s hobby is attending many sports venues.

John has been married 36 years or a total of 6 wives. From this target rich environment John only claims 4 children producing 4 grandchildren.

John listed a number of rivers starting with the Weaver and ending up with the South Platte. Ron Johnson brought him into the club about 44 years ago. John was a Club President in 1981/82 and has been sitting at table one since 1990. See John Pifer on YouTube (you may have to click “1 video”) or Listen to JohnPifer.mp3

Program:  Randy Smith introduced Jim Lewis, a travel consultant with Cruise Planners. Jim had a power point presentation and talked about Special Needs? Travel??....Yes you can.

Many people with special needs assume that they can't travel. Needs range from
wheelchairs to walkers to oxygen. The truth is that equipment is available worldwide, from Baltimore to Barcelona.
There is no need to worry about pickup and return of the equipment. It can be delivered to your cabin on the ship prior to your arrival, and picked up after your trip ends.
Cruiselines vary widely as to accommodation for special needs travelers. We can help to identify which cruise lines might be best for you.
Navigating airports, airport security and customs can be challenging. We can help to make that process easier and faster.
Shore trips can be daunting for the special needs traveler. We find the excursions that are accessible to the special needs traveler.
Whether you are interested in : ocean cruising, river cruising, land tours, an adventure vacation, an all inclusive resort vacation, honeymoon vacation

We want you to have memories to last a lifetime.

If you are looking for a group experience we can arrange it, such as: destination weddings, onboard wedding ceremony, birthday, anniversary, retirement, family reunions, class reunion, graduation, celebrating some special occasion, club or association vacation

Service to our clients is a top priority. We want your travel to be the best experience you ever had. For the first time cruiser, we will make every effort to insure that your first cruise will definitely not be your last. For the experienced cruiser, we will make sure you receive all the upgrades and amenities you deserve as an experienced cruiser.

Deciding what destination is of interest to you is most important. Adding the shore excursions in the various ports will enhance your experience and help you to enjoy the local culture. Our knowledge of the various cruise lines and and their specialties will make your cruise fit you and your budget. 720-244-0835 800-768-5709 Listen to Jim Lewis.mp3 view powerpoint.pdf

Upcoming programs:
Nov 15: Ida Mae Nicholl

Nov 29 - Peter Lengsfeld, Financial Hurdles in Retirement
Dec 6 - Christina Schmalisch, Ph.D., Hoarding and downsizing
Dec 13 - Wives Luncheon?
Dec 20 - Kid's Christmas program?

List of future programs        Past programs.pdf
 pot2.gif             dollars.gifJim Perkins

Upcoming SOD list
Nov 15 - Regular Meeting & BODSOD Tim Pollak
Nov 22 – NO LUNCH, Thanksgiving Day
Nov 29 – Jim Rees
Dec 6 – Jim Robinson
Dec 13 – Norm Schillo ?

(BOD means Board of Dir. meeting) ***************************************************************

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