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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW .... October 11, 2012
This weeks Reporter-Jim Perkins

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Guests: n/a


Announcements:  Our President, Peter Pauwels, was present this week to steer the ship.

Tim Pollak and the Incentives Committee are asking the club to provide names of persons they feel should be candidates for the Sertoman of the Year and Service to Mankind awards. If you have a good idea, let Tim know quickly as the entry deadline is growing near on the Service to Mankind award.

Next was Orian “King” hunter who spoke and spoke and on and on concerning the preparations for the Club Christmas Party. Some say were it not for his infirmaries he’d gone on maybe for hours. Actually he had done a good job. The party is to be held Dec. 14th at Buell Mansion residential location, doors open at 6pm. We will be partying in the Buell Mansion itself. All needed directions will be provided. Total cost per person is $38.00 with the club paying an additional $10.00 per attendee. Booze will be BYOB with ice, set-ups, etc. being provided. SORRY, red wine is not allowed because of some very expensive antique carpeting in many of the rooms and the home being listed by the Denver Historical Society. Signups accepted up to 2 days before the event.

Peter indicated the good Reverend Robinson was back in the hospital but was about to be released and should be with us on the 18th.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:

Sertoman of the Day:  Don Nelson, born in 1924 (or is it 1922) and grew up on a farm in N.W. Iowa. He went all 12 years to the same school and it is still standing and being used as a school. The family did not have a tractor, they had to use horses, and they also didn’t have electricity until he was in high school when the REA came through and delivered power to all the farms. Don said that was one of the best things to happen for rural America.

He was working in a VA hospital where he met his wife Jackie. They have been married for 60 years. They moved to Colorado shortly after they were married. Don then enrolled in veterinary school and practiced until he sold his practice in 1983 to another Nelson. He has been retired ever since.

He has three kids. His son is a colonial in the Air Force and was our speaker only a few months back. One daughter is retired and the other is a microbiologist. He has six grandkids.

He has served in the marines and was stationed on the USS Colorado during WWII. The ship had 16” guns. They were not so bad if they were firing forward but if they fired to the side it would move the entire ship two feet sideways. Needless to say, it made it hard to sleep.

His biggest fear was the suicide planes. They were hit by one once in the spring of 1945 off of Okinawa. It hit amidships and killed six of his buddies. By shear luck he was down on the deck below his 40 millimeter gun. The gun and the people on it were not so fortunate. He was injured and has little recollection of what happened afterwards. He did receive a purple heart. He also received his campaign ribbons. (According to a search on the internet, this happened at Leyte Gulf - November 27, 1944) The deck down below was severely damaged killing quite a number of other sailors. The ship was able to continue on with its duties but of course it did end up having to be repaired.

He did wind up in the hospital for a year because he caught tuberculosis related to his military service. That did have the fortunate benefit of extending his GI Bill benefits so he ended up having to pay for about a quarter of his college education.

He was briefly in Japan at Yokahama during the signing of the peace treaty. He noted that during the shore leaves on some of the south pacific islands the times were “interesting”… especially with those South Pacific girls. He made it from private to private first class.

Don joined the club in 1965 when they started the Sunset Club with Mabe, Sam Anderson, Steve Bolyard and others.

He went to school on the GI Bill. He feels that the GI Bill is one of the best things that the country did for veterans because it allowed a much lower pool of people to attend college. He went to what is now CSU but then was Colorado A&M. In his class over 900 applied and they accepted 67.

Program:  George Brauchler, Republican Candidate, 18th Judicial District Attorney and running opposite last week’s program, Ethan Feldman. George served as a Prosecutor for eleven years in Jefferson County and has participated in a number of high profile cases including Kobe Bryant. George believes in the death penalty and found time to relate some very interesting stories from Iraq where is seems Americans never win trial cases.

George felt the biggest thing he has to offer versus his opponent is his broad American and International based experience rather than a career spent all in one geographic location. He refers to “outside Vision”.


Upcoming programs:
Oct 18: Diane Pape – 9 Health Fair
Oct 25:

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Upcoming SOD list
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Oct 25 - Regular Meeting – SOD Jim Perkins

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