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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....Oct 15, 2009
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

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Quote:    #4 on Larry the Cable guys list: “99% of Lawyers give the rest a bad name”

Guests:   Dean Hiss brought is sister-in-law, Ruth Hiss and ended up paying an amended fine of $2 for bragging about bringing her to a free lunch.

Fines:   Dean (see above)

Bingo:   44 players and a deposit of $4688. Not quite a break even. Pickles saved us. Board decided that pickle playing should be ended 1 hour after the end of bingo and will be announced at least twice by the caller. Also, no bingo Nov26th, it’s Thanksgiving and the hall is closed Dec 24th, it’s Christmas Eve. No word yet on Dec 31st, New Years Eve.

Because of no game on Thanksgiving, the B-team will host on Dec. 3rd and the rotation will go from there.

Announcements:    We learned today the Nick Morrone is leaving the club for personal reasons. We wish Nick the best, he has been a great Sertoman and asset to the Arapahoe Club.

The Joint Wine Tasting Fund Raiser will benefit U.C. Boulder – Dept. of Speech and the Marion Downs Hearing Center. Date is Oct 24th 6-9pm. Contact 303 773-8189 or We have 50 tickets to sell and they need auction items.

Tim: Second Wind is winding down and the board decided to donate $100 to Ruth and her efforts. Also, Tim needs to collect for tickets to the Joint Wine Tasting. Rees says they still need auction items.

Pres. Vierthaler brought up the club’s annual raffle and how ticket sales are getting harder, meaning the members have to make up consortiums to sell all the tickets. It was decided that all club members should buy one ticket by Dec. 1st and that will mean we have a commitment to continue.

Think about whom is a good candidate for the Service To Mankind Award by Dec. 1st.

Will Martinez has King Soopers coupons.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:  usaf.gif

Dave Miley was born on the day FDR was inaugurated for the 3rd time, Jan 20th, 1941, in Indianapolis, Ind., next to the White River, in the Merion Co. Methodist Hospital (the same hospital the race car drivers go to if they have an accident). He grew up near a racetrack and in the winter, the kids would sled down the banked turns of the track.

Dave Miley.JPG

At the age of 4, the family moved to Denver in 1944, his father worked at the Remington Arms plant but that only lasted 6 months do to the end of the War. In 1951, the family lived on Elati St. and Dave and Bob Schlageter terrorized the neighborhood. At 13, Dave’s dad told “Shorty” he could start crawling around in attics installing insulation. He could do 7 houses a day at $3/house. Dave attended several grade schools but graduated from Englewood High in 1959. Dave played football in H.S. with Dough Harder’s brother, Dave and somehow, Dave and Dave switched girl friends.

Dave graduated from CSU with a major in Business Admin. And ROTC. In 1964, he joined the U.S. Air Force, went to flight school in Williams, AZ and served with the 352nd in Vietnam. After 6-1/2 years, he left the service in 1971 and since the airlines were laying pilots off, Dave got his Real Estate license and now does mostly commercial stuff. Dave earned the Bronze Star.

Dave married Karen Nov. 25th 1959 (50 years this Nov.) and they have 2 kids and 3 grandkids. Karen was a classmate of Dave’s and he is still active in the church they got married in. Bob Voth got Dave to join the South Suburban club in ‘72’, and then switched to Arapahoe. He was the President in ‘78’ and Governor in ‘95’. He has held all positions except secretary. He was also the Sertoman of the Year in 1991. Dave is a military history buff and he likes golf and auto racing, especially midgets. In Jan, he goes to OK to watch indoor racing. He also is a foster pet owner.


Program:  Dave also doubled as the Program, accompanied by Kirby, Alex and Chet, his 3 foster Greyhounds. Dave has fostered Greyhounds for about 13 years. You take the dogs in for a period of time until they can be put into a permanent home. Kirby is 4 yrs old and raced briefly in Oklahoma and has so far caught 2 squirrels in the back yard and several mice. Alex is 9 yrs old and washed out racing. Chet is 9 yrs old and raced in Florida.

Click on each dog for a larger picture

Greyhounds were bred in Egypt as hunting dogs and they hunt with their eyes, not their nose. They live 10 to 15 years, come in all colors and weigh in at about 60-80 pounds average, Chet is at 90 lbs. They have a low activity rate with burst of energy, are easy to train and are of minimum care. For more info, goto:

CGA is a non-profit organization 501(c)3 devoted to placement and adoption of greyhounds. Foster programs are available. Based in the metropolitan Denver area, Our volunteer base continues to grow, as more and more greyhound enthusiasts become involved. We are available to answer any of your greyhound questions and introduce you personally to some of these miraculous animals.

After a greyhound is finished racing, it is placed on a list along with other hounds that are waiting to enter an adoption program.  There are usually anywhere between 80 and 100 hounds on this list at any given time. CGA's Procurement Team arranges to meet with kennels when they have new dogs available to come into CGA.
Procurement Team Visit
A number of things happen when the Procurement Team meets these dogs. The kennel staff let them know of any injuries or issues, personality traits, etc. The dogs' tattoos are checked, and a picture is taken of each dog, to use when they are put up on the website as "Available Dogs".

Because CGA dogs are fostered with families, it is critical that we find out how each dog will do with cats before they are assigned a foster home.
The Art of Cat Testing
When we "cat test" a dog, the dog is brought out, by him/herself, wearing a muzzle and a lead. The cat is in a harness and on a lead, as well. The Procurement team watches the interactions between the dog and cat, doing their best to determine whether a greyhound will be safe with cats. CGA's official Cat Testing Cat, Broadway, with 6 years of experience, and well over 2,000 dogs met, helps make that job a lot easier. He allows the dogs to sniff him and get an idea of what he is, (for many he is the first cat they've seen close-up). Some dogs are so cat-safe that they will lose interest at that point. Others are interested in playing with him, and for these dogs, Broadway will "correct" their advances, and in many of these cases, the greyhound will decide that he/she does not want to play anymore, and will lose interest. These dogs have been "trained" by Broadway to respect him, and are considered cat safe.

There are greyhounds, however, that are simply never going to be safe with cats, and behave aggressively as soon as they see Broadway, and become more aggressive with attempts to correct them. Even in these cases, with the dog muzzled and being held by the lead, and a number of people there to intervene, neither the cat or the greyhound are in any danger. We are happy to say that through all his meetings with greyhounds, Broadway has not been harmed in any way.


Upcoming programs:
Oct 22: Eagle Spirit Academy Taekwondo’s Bob & Brian Gallagher, 2008 Olympic alternates.
Oct 29: Dave Plati, CU sports information Director
Nov. 5: Shari Peterson - I Survived A Disaster
Nov. 12: Angela Cody Rouget - Secret Weapon To Simplifying Your Life

Nov 19th: Speaker Sharan Wilson-Freedom Dogs.


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                       Upcoming SOD list
Oct 22 - Regular Meeting – SOD Nick Morrone
Oct 29 - Regular Meeting – SOD Don Nelson
Nov 5  - Regular Meeting – SOD Barney O'Grady
Nov 12 - Regular Meeting and BODSOD Jim Perkins

Oct 22 -  B Team
Oct 29 -  C Team
Nov 5 - D Team
Nov 12 - E Team

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