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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW .... October 17, 2013
This weeks Reporter- Jim Perkins

news_l3.gif Randy Smith    news_l4.jpg  Orian Hunter    news_l5.gif  Dave Miley

Dave Miley included a moment of silence to honor the passage of the club’s good friend Bob Coté       Watch the video at the top of the page.

Guests:   n/a

New Consumer Alert: Beware of On-line Advertising Scams

Announcements:   Several dates that will cause us to NOT HAVE A MEETING:
Nov. 28th, Dec 26th & Jan 2nd. Please don’t show up expecting to find all your friends here.

Rick Jacobus reminded his FREEDOM WEEK team members that the essays were due from the school in one month and they should contact their assigned schools to solidify all the necessary arrangements.

A vote was taken regarding if the club would hold a Children's Christmas party this year. The decision rendered says we will skip this year’s party.

Englewood Chamber of Commerce Awards Luncheon is Oct. 29th a Tuesday so we are canceling our regular meeting on the 31st. We have about 24 signed up.

Scott shared a few quick trivia facts. I couldn’t get them all but one I did get noted says, it takes $16,400 to raise a medium size dog from puppy to 11 years old.

Remember, if you bring in a new member and he stays 6 months, you get Free Dues - per new member for a quarter.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:  

Sertoman of the Day:   Randy Smith, our resident speech and hearing specialist, is a native of Natchez, Mississippi, being born in 1950, then moving to Louisiana where he attended school. He was a newspaper carrier and a disk jockey (Rock’n Randy’s Electric Radio Show). He earned a bachelor’s degree from N.E. Louisiana Univ. in Monroe, LA. Randy did graduate work at LSU and got a job at McNeese State Univ. He was a speech and hearing consultant for the Special Ed. Dept. After six years there, he wanted to do post graduate work and was accepted to CU. He specialized in speech pathology in neurogenic speech and language problems and voice problems.

He came to Colorado to do some graduate work and received a Post Graduate Degree at C.U. He stayed in Colorado he had a job at Porter Hosp. and he met Amie (who worked at Swedish), got married (about a year before joining Sertoma in 1987) and had two children. He was employed by Porter Hospital for 11 years and now in his own private practice since 1990.

Randy has a good number of fond memories from his having lived there and decided to share some with his predominately Yankee audience. His childhood home was a mere two miles from the Mississippi river. Having never “heard “ of air conditioning his bedroom window was open at night. He’d fall asleep to the sounds of the calliopes being played on the riverboat passing on the Mississippi. The same source heading back became his wake up call.

Randy mentioned the local motto read; Louisiana home of girls, guns and gators. He told of their long time Governor at age 86 who is married to a 34 year old wife, and is still known as a notorious skirt chaser. He also noted the state has a highway running East to West dividing the state into a North section full of Rednecks and with nothing but “coon asses” to the South. When Questioned Randy denied this involved any racism.

Program:  John Vierthaler introduced Rose Keating who operates a nonprofit agency entitled Tech For All. Her personal accomplishments of note and recognition include:

1. Earned a PHD at UCLA.
2. Previously Named Sertoma Service To Mankind winner.
3. 2007 recipient of the Minoru Yasui Community award.
4. Channel 7 everyday hero.

Rose is a special computer programmer who knows the technical end of a computer inside and out. She noted the disparity between those of us who are computer connected as opposed to those who do not have the means to obtain their own equipment. In employment computer skills are a must. Now-a-days having a computer available is almost a necessity for getting your child successfully through our school systems.

Rose has long been in the habit of creating new, entirely functional computer units through repairing and restoring abandoned used machines. One day she was watched by three young boys and ended up offering them one of her computers for free if they could bring their parents around to give their consent. This happened the following morning and thus Tech For All was created. She now works directly with schools that sponsor the needy children. At this time she and her staff have provided over 5,400+ machines to needy children. Her goal is to give these disadvantaged students an improved opportunity to stay in school and learn, providing a real insinuative to graduate.


Make available to members in the community the means to become skilled and confident in computer use; this is accomplished by gathering donations, collecting and reconditioning used equipment, identifying qualified recipients and placing the appropriate equipment with them solely for their use and at no charge.

Upcoming programs:
Oct 24 – Russell Jones – War on Drugs
Nov 14 – Dick Nelson, DPS sports through the years

Nov 21 – Richard Driscoll, Men and Women in Relationships
Dec 5 - Walter Davis, former NBA All Star
List of future programs        Past programs.pdf

Upcoming events:
Oct. 29th: Englewood Chamber of Commerce Awards Luncheon
Dec. 13th: Christmas party @ Buell Mansion
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Upcoming SOD list
Oct 24 – Bob Stein
No meeting Oct 31
Nov 7 – Jack Thompson
Nov 14 – John Vierthaler
Nov 21 – Mike Ballew
(BOD means Board of Dir. meeting)

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