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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW .... October 18, 2012
This weeks Reporter- Don Smith

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Guests: Ruth Pollak, wife of Tim. She came to ask for donations for a Christmas Tour, Dec 1st 10am to 2pm, for $10 or any donation you want to make. Also, Chris Morlan from La Sertoma and her husband, Scott of S.W. Sertoma. Chris came to inform us of a fund raising event La Sertoma is having, the First Annual Run for the Roses (view flyer).

Listen to Chris Morlan.mp3                    Listen to Ruth Pollak.mp3

Fines:   To Tim for bringing his wife to such an unruly crowd ( or DID he loose that bet?)

Announcements:  Our President, Peter Pauwels, was present again this week, that’s 2 weeks in a row.

There is NO MEETING Nov. 1st do to the Englewood Chamber of Commerce having their lunch on Tuesday Oct 30th. so that Thursday lunch (Nov 1st) is canceled. Let Tim know if you want to go.
(I can’t find any information on their web page about this event)

Tim Pollak and the Incentives Committee are asking the club to provide names of persons they feel should be candidates for the Sertoman of the Year and Service to Mankind awards. If you have a good idea, let Tim know quickly as the entry deadline is growing near on the Service to Mankind award.

The Fall District Conference is approaching. Sat., Nov 10th 7:30am. View image

A week without the “King” bloviating for hours……Awe, what peace.

Peter indicated the good Reverend Robinson was doing better and although he didn’t make it this week, he may be able to next week.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:

Sertoman of the Day:   Peter Pauwels was born in 1947 and grew up in the Queens area of New York, a very ethnic diverse area where there was one of everything and everyone. His local river, the Jamaica Creek and the Long Island area were a couple of his big hangouts as a child, The salt marsh, river, wildlife etc. He loved it and even had his own little boat that had a range of about 10 miles. He says he suffers from “saltwater withdrawals” but then the mountains provide much of the same interest.

After a stint in Oregon for college were he was a senior for 3 years and never graduated, he came to Colorado, the vast wild lands that he had heard about. He attended CSU and couldn’t turn down classes like tractor repair….While in college, he had a couple roommates that where studying mechanical engineering so he learned a lot by working with them and they had access to the schools equipment, he says he just had to much fun. One thing they designed and built was a wind generator that they mounted on the roof but a very strong wind came along and tore the generator and roof apart because they didn’t have it anchored down well enough.

Peter attempted to join the Marines in 1968 and was almost there until they asked him to raise his arms and he couldn’t raise one of them all the way up due to some scar tissue so he was turned down.

After graduating he hooked up with some builders and started building solar homes with solar collectors, super insulating…etc. The tax breaks ended in the 70’s and it took him 18 months to finish off the homes he had on his list. He then went into business for himself, designing something’s and trying to manufacture them but he found out it was about impossible to manufacture in the US when competing against countries like China. In the 1990’s with the venture capital, there just wasn’t any capital to be had for a small company.

He had been making some adaptive equipment in his own shop but when he got connected with Craig Hospital, they had about every type of machine you can think of. The materials were endless and he didn’t have to run to the local hardware store for all the little parts. This is a unique situation with a hospital because of the type of patients they have. When he isn’t designing and building equipment, he does volunteer work such as being a Life Skills coach.. Listen to PeterPauwels.mp3

Program:  Dave Miley introduced Dianne Pape. She came to tell us about 9HealthFair and all the good things they do.

In the late 1970's John F. Brensike, a physician conducting heart disease research at the National Institutes of Health in Washington , D.C. , became involved in cholesterol screenings. As he traveled the country, he observed a high level of interest from communities to provide screening services. However, he noted that few screenings were available and the quality varied. But more importantly, he noted that there was no mechanism to provide health education and medical follow-up to the community. From there, Dr. Brensike started the National Health Screening Council for Volunteer Organizations (NHSCVO) as a means of promoting preventative health maintenance. Through this organization, the health fair concept was born. The idea was presented by NHSCVO to interested communities across the country. In Colorado , NHSCVO approached Al Flanagan, then president of KBTV Channel 9 in Denver , now 9NEWS. The television station recognized this effort's value to the community and agreed to provide both financial and media support to help launch the first health fair.

In 1980, along with support from hundreds of medical and non-medical volunteers, the Lions Clubs of Colorado and the Colorado National Guard, the first 9Health Fair was staged. To this day, all three groups remain steadfast in their important roles with the 9Health Fair as important in-kind sponsors.

In 1987, 9Health Fair became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. With the sole mission of promoting health awareness and encouraging individuals to assume responsibility for their own health, and because of the support of 19,000 statewide volunteers, 9Health Fair has helped save thousands of lives by providing free and low-cost health awareness and educational screenings. To date, 9Health Fair is the only program of its magnitude and that has become a community institution as a result of the NHSCVO initiative.
Since inception, 9Health Fair has impacted over 1.7 million individuals.
(from )                                                Listen to DianePape.mp3


Upcoming programs:
Oct 25: ?
Nov 8: Jim Lewis, Special Needs? Yes, You Can Travel
Nov 15: Ida Mae Nicholl

List of future programs        Past programs.pdf
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Upcoming SOD list
Oct 25 - Regular Meeting – SOD Jim Perkins
Nov 1 – NO LUNCH do to Englewood Chamber lunch
Nov 8 - Regular Meeting – SOD John Pifer
Nov 15 - Regular Meeting & BODSOD Tim Pollak
Nov 22 – NO LUNCH, Thanksgiving Day

(BOD means Board of Dir. meeting) ***************************************************************

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