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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....Oct 25, 2007
This weeks Reporter-Sterling Cain

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Fines:   Guests: Jack Marshall brought his wife Marsha.

Fines: Two bits to Jack Marshall for bringing his wife to lunch to get out of having to pay for taking her out to eat at a proper restaurant.

Fine to table one for adding Bill Benton to the fold for the day.

Motion to fine Bill Benton for moving over to table one on the mistaken impression that the chairs had been folded for nefarious reasons.

Announcements:  Jim Robinson is still in critical condition. They are trying to get him out of the drug induced coma. We have sent flowers to the hospital and we have a note from the family thanking us for them.

He did not have a heart attack, he had heart failure. His heart completely stopped and he had stopped breathing. He hit a table when he fell, which caused some concern about injury, however further examination showed that he was from that perspective.

For updates on his condition you can go to the church’s website at:

October 29 th for the Bronco’s Night Out. Game time is 6:00PM , get there a little early. See Nick for more details. It will be at the Columbine Lounge located on the east side of Pierce St. , just south of Ken Caryl Ave.

Tim still has entertainment books. Please sell them! He will need to start collecting on people with outstanding balances. Don’t make him have to get the bat.

Bingo Report : 107 attendance. Had some big payouts. Deposited $3400.


Don Nelson, born in 1924 and grew up on a farm in Iowa . He went all 12 years to the same school and it is still standing and being used as a school. Did not have a tractor, they had to use horses. Did not have electricity until he was in high school when the REA came through and delivered power to all the farms. Don said that was one of the best things to happen for rural America .

He was working in a VA hospital where he met his wife Jackie. He has been married for 59 years. It will be 60 years on the first day of spring, 2008.

They moved to Colorado shortly after they were married. Don then enrolled in veterinary school and practiced until he sold his practice in 1983. He has been retired ever since.

He went to school on the GI Bill. He feels that the GI Bill is one of the best things that the country did for veterans because it allowed a much lower pool of people to attend college. He went to what is now CSU but then was Colorado A&M. In his class over 900 applied and they accepted 67.

He has three kids. His son is a colonial in the Air Force and was our speaker only a few months back. One daughter is retired and the other is a microbiologist. He has four grandkids and two great grandchildren.

He has served in the marines and was stationed on the USS Colorado during WWII. They had 16” guns on the ship. They were not so bad if they were firing forward but if they fired to the side it would move the entire ship two feet sideways. Needless to say, it made it hard to sleep.

His biggest fear was the suicide planes. They were hit by one once in the spring of 1945 off of Okinawa . It hit amidships and killed six of his buddies. By shear luck he was down on the deck below his 40 millimeter gun. The gun and the people on it were not so fortunate. He was injured and has little recollection of what happened afterwards. He did receive a purple heart. He also received his campaign ribbons. (According to a search on the internet, this happened at Leyte Gulf - November 27, 1944) The deck down below was severely damaged killing quite a number of other sailors. The ship was able to continue on with its duties but of course it did end up having to be repaired.

He did wind up in the hospital for a year because he caught tuberculosis related to his military service. That did have the fortunate benefit of extending his GI Bill benefits so he ended up having to pay for about a quarter of his college education.

He was briefly in Japan at Yokahama during the signing of the peace treaty. He noted that during the shore leaves on some of the south pacific islands the times were “interesting”… especially with those South Pacific girls. He made it from private to private first class.

Don joined the club in 1965 when they started the Sunset Club with Mabe, Sam Anderson and others.

To read more about the history of the U.S.S COLORADO, click this:

Program:  Cliff Metsker. He blew it by not showing up and by not telling the President that the program had to reschedule. Don Nelson filled in by supply us with an excellent program.

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