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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....October 30, 2008
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

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Quote of the Day:    “People who vote decide nothing. The people who count votes decide everything.”
     Josef Stalin

Guests:    Ken introduced John Jeffrey.
Randy Introduced Christopher Seagram (see Program below)

Fines:  Doug fined the table next to table 1 for NO GUEST. passed

Announcements:    Bob Hogge has King Soopers cards for sale. The club gets 5% return.

Doug has the new Entertainment books for $25.

George said the Breakfast hosting is a go at Applebee’s at Wadsworth and Belleview. Date to be determined.

Perkins wants to know of any “new/deceased/moved members for the directory. If you are all 3, you get extra points.

Dave Miley is temporarily playing Historian. Thanks Dave.

Norm is selling Poinsettia’s again this year (it’s for his wife who is a member of La Sertoma).

Possible BINGO opportunity. Captains met last week – they are all in favor of the new venture as long as it makes money. Dick said should be able to make $3,200 for both sessions per night. Nick mentioned this years

Christmas (adult) party here at the Elks club Dec 19th a Friday. Kids here Dec 23rd, a Tuesday.

Dick said "NO GOLF NEXT WEEK." Wow, that clears the calendar.

Dave Miley gave a short introduction for Bob Cote’, our Service To Mankind Award winner of 2008 and our only double recipient.

Bob is the founder and has been the President of Step 13 since 1983. Step 13 is a non-profit, transitional program for addicted homeless who show a desire to give up their alcohol, drug, shelter and soup kitchen dependency cycle, and become productive members of society. Step 13 is structured so that one size does not fit all. That is why they do not set a time limit of 30 days, 60 days, or a year for a person to be in the program. Some people have skills and just need a helping hand, while others have no skills or education and need time to acquire the necessary skills to compete in today’s market.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY: 

Tim Pollak, with a PhD on the wall, brought us up to date on his life story. Tim was born Sep. 6, 1945 on the south side of Chicago. Probably while still in the hospital, their apartment caught on fire and the family moved to the Rogers Park area of Chicago. When in first grade, they moved to Evanston and he went through all grades there. The high school was so large, he went to “East Hall” high school in Evanston.

At 15, he was active in youth groups, debating life. They decided there was no universal purpose to human life. Because of that, he decided to go into clinical psychology. He attended Antioch College and their “cooperative plan of education (classes for one quarter then work in the field for a quarter). He worked in Phoenix, AZ; Boston, MA; Skokie, IL and San Jose, CA to name a few.

Tim was a “consciences objector” at the time of the Viet Nam war and worked in several hospitals instead of fighting. He was accepted to DU in Social Working but wondered why he never heard from the U. of TN. After a phone call and an interview, he was accepted. He graduated with a PhD in Clinical Psych. from the Univ. in 1979.

Tim married the first time in 1981, divorced in 1982, met Ruth in 1983 and married her in 1984. (He didn’t mention what happened in 1985 but it had to be good). He was introduced to the club in 1989 by Barney O’Grady with Dean Hiss’s help. Tim was club President in 1989 and has been very active in the club over the years and was our Sertoman of the Year in 2006.


Program:   Randy Smith introduced Christopher Seagram who is from South Africa and in the U.S. on a Green Card. Chris gave us some insight to life in South Africa and a little about getting a Green Card. S. Africa has a 50% unemployment rate and 35% of the population has HIV but could be much higher and polygamy is accepted. The ratio of whites to black is 10% white.

Some notes about living in South Africa. 1.Insurance is HIGH. 2.Burglar guards on all openings. 3.Alarms in all homes. 4.Newer homes have a lock down room at night. 5.Car insurance is very HIGH. 6.Type of car bought according to risk factors. 7.Outdoor lifestyle on the weekends. 8.No walking in public parks after dark, and women not wo walk or run in neighbourhoods along. 9.Food is relatively affordable even with high inflation. 10.Interest rates on mortgages are around 15% - 21% depending on your risk profile.

Why are costs so high? The country of South Africa is by far the most developed and sophistaicated of the sub saharn countries. It has well established infustructures, medical care facilities and an established economy. But poverty is very high with unemployment around 50% and escalating levels of violent crime.

The security system on homes and cars are to complex nowdays to steal a car from a lot or to break into a home. So it is easier to car jack or to take people hostage in their homes. The other side is the Phycological state of the perpetrators committing the crimes.

The harsh crime environment has also hardened the local population into adapting and living in survival mode which means that if you wake for a new day you should be grateful that you and your friends are okay. Incidents take place everyday from smash and grab at the traffic lights to home hostage takings and car jacking all over the country. It has become a difficult environment ot raise a family today. Despite all the negatives, there are some great tourists places like the parks. You are safe in the parks.

There are parts of Africa that are sophisticated but by and large the continent is dominated with a rural and rugged landscape. It is a place of natural and majestic beauty and has many challenges in people development. But every now and again you just have to smile to yourself at the creativity and simplicity of the things that you will see and experience only in Africa.!

To get a Green Card you have to enter the green card lottery. They entered their names over four years ago. They were finally notified by telephone that they had been drawn. They then started assembling the required paper work for the consulat. Then came the medical test encluding blood and xrays. They had to interview with the consulate then 6 months to enter the US after selling all they owned. They arrived in NY and their credit history goes to zero but they are grateful and very happy to be here and loving every day here in Denver.

Why Denver? They chose Denver because it has blue skies most of the year and is their opinion a paradise. There are the mountains, the golf courses, a free lifestyle and great community involvement and support on all evernts and activities. The people of Denver are friendly and certainly some of the healthiest they have seen in their travels to over 29 countries. The altitude is similar to Johnnesburg in South Africa and makes adapting easier for them.

Upcoming programs:
November 6th- Grey La Certe-Identity Theft
November 13-Frank Novachek-Hydrogen as a Automotive Fuel
November 20-Dean Cottington-God Bless America
November 27-Thanksgiving
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Nov 6  - Regular Meeting - SOD – Barney O’Grady
Nov 13 - Regular Meeting - SOD – Jim Perkins
Nov 20 - Regular Meeting - SOD – John Pifer
Nov 27 - Thanksgiving day.


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