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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....Oct 5, 2017
This weeks Reporter- Don Smith

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Guests:  Alice Perkins, Jim’s wife: Taylor Bigondt, guest from the Chamber event Tuesday along with Gary Peterson from the Daily Press:

Liz Davenport & Karen Marston from Dry Creek Sertoma came to tell us about their 25th anniversary party and are selling tickets (no ticket sales at the door). The party is at the Ken Caryl Ranch House, 7676 S. Continental Divide Rd., Littleton, Oct 26th, from 5:30 to 8pm. It will be a catered dinner with complimentary wine, along with music. Tickets are $25 each and you can contact them at Dry Creek Sertoma.
See   near the bottom of the page.

FINES:  Table 1 for having “guests” and Orian for trying to get more out of Table 1.

Foundation News:  The Foundation still has a cemetery plot or two for sale. They are located at Chapel Hill Cemetery. If interested, contact one of the Foundation members or me ( ) and I will forward your contact to one of them.

Announcements:  Jeff Carter, our program last week, gave his okay to post the video taken during his presentation of crashing a helicopter during a huge fire in Arizona and the years of surgery and healing he has gone through after more than 50% of his body was badly burnt. The links to the video are here: Part 1    Part 2.

Gary ordered 50 patches and they are $3 each. Nice looking patches.

Tim has the new Directories & Fillers for those that needed them.

Last week’s Bronco Pool winners were: McKim, Manley, Fry & Alice Perkins.

The question of where the monies go from the Pool (and King Soopers) is: They help keep our dues lower.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:     

Sertoman of the Day:   Dave Miley broke from the traditional presentation (after many years of the same old thing) and talked about his purchase of a ¾ midget race car and the process of restoring it to racing condition. Dave also brought some of the gear he wears during a race, including his underwear.

Dave was at an auction a while back and bid on and won the purchase of a slightly used ¾ race car. When he got it home (and found out his wife wasn’t going to shoot him), he started the long process of restoring it, starting with the engine. He soon learned it wasn’t stock and had difficulty finding parts so he had to modify it for the parts he could find.

The body of the car needed much work and by the time he was done, he had a car that he has raced many times around the country. He had it painted red, blue and silver…somewhat patriotic in his mind. He has plans in the future to race at several of the tracks around Colorado and elsewhere and thoroughly enjoys the sport. Asked what harrowing things have happened to him while racing, he said “none” which is a good thing. He did not say how many races he has won. He was also asked what place he came in at the go cart track, an event he put together at K-1 Speed. It turned out he came in third, after Vierthaler’s wife and step daughter. Maybe next year Dave. Listen to Dave Miley.mp3

Program:  Randy Smith introduced Cindy Novak, a member of the Englewood Chamber (she came to our Chamber Event), was a member of the first graduating class at Chatfield High and was their valedictorian and is from Buffalo, NY.

Cindy has been involved in advertising and marketing for most of her career and is now the branch manager at since 2014. Cindy talked about some things to do to get your web site noticed on the search engines and thought that our web site could use a little work to bring it up to modern times, like making it more friendly to mobile apps and including more information as to what we want to accomplish with a web site.


We're here for one reason: to help small businesses succeed online. With over 3 million customers and 20 years of experience, we know what small businesses need to succeed on the web. We're here to help with easy solutions that grow your business:

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Our designers and copywriters are experts at optimizing for Google™, Yahoo!®, Bing™, Facebook and many others. Every website we build comes with marketing. We make sure your business gets found.

If you already have a website we can help you too. Check out Ignite Online Marketing. There are hundreds of places you need to market your business online. We put you in all of them quickly and cost effectively.

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For those of you that want to build things on your own, you’ll have access to our patented website and online builder tools. These tools are designed to enable small businesses to build amazing websites and have them get found.

Not sure where to start? We're here to help. Give us a call at 303-409-7717 to get started.      Listen to Cindy Novak.mp3

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