by: Don Smith

THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....Sept. 14, 2006
This weeks Reporter-Sterling Cain

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Guests:    None  

Announcements:    Steve Bollard is back home. He is still in physical therapy

Bingo: Attendance of 84. Deposit of $3765. B Team is up next week. Please arrive by 5:30.

Fines:   Two bit fine to Buckland for just being here. Passed.
Two bit fine to President Hogge for proposing a fine. Passed.

Directories:   See Tim Pollak. We're on our last case.

King Soopers Coupons:   See Mike Magee.

Handshake -


Ralph Timothy Pollak

Tim was born in 1945 in South Chicago. He lays claim to growing up on the shores of Lake Michagan, which he feels is a suitable substitute for a river. He attended Miller School in Chicago until the 5 th grade when his family moved back to his father's hometown of Vienna, Austria. He attended school there for a year and a half before moving back to Chicago. He claims that he still does not speak German. He then attended Nichol's School for 6 th and 7 th grades before moving up to Evanston Township High School.

After graduating from Evanston he went on to college at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Tim had great praise for the school's unusual format of alternating quarters of schooling with quarters of on the job training. It was during one of his work quarters at a job her in Colorado that he fell in love with our great state. He moved to Colorado in 1969, after graduating from Antioch.

Tim attended graduate school at the University of Tennessee. He now runs a successful mental health practice with his wife, Ruth, who he married in 1984. His wife also runs a Jewish dating service.



Our speaker this week was Mike Van Eps from Brother's Redevelopment, Inc. Brother's Redevelopment provides safe, affordable, accessible housing and housing services for the low-income, elderly and disabled of Colorado. They focus on keeping existing housing maintained and habitable; keeping people in their homes as long as possible, as an alternative to a nursing home. This is in contrast to Habitat for Humanity, who focuses on building new housing for the same population. They are heavily dependent on volunteers to help them leverage their limited funding to cover jobs ranging from roof repair to building wheelchair ramps.

They have recently expanded their programs to provide home counseling and foreclosure counseling.

Their main annual volunteer event is the Paint-a-Thon. This event has been going on annually for 27 years. They have painted 5,940 homes for seniors with over 487,912 volunteer hours contributed. Volunteer teams return year after year to make this event a success.

For more information please visit their website at, or call them at 303-202-6340.

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          On the calendar ..   

         Sep 21 - Regular Meeting - SOD John Pifer
              Program: TBA
         Sep 28 - Regular Meeting - SOD Jim Rees
              Program: Lockheed-Martin, Pluto NASA Project
         Oct  5 - Regular Meeting - SOD Jim Robertson
              Program: Fred Joseph, State Securities Commissioner
         Oct  12 - Regular Meeting - SOD Norm Schillo

Sep 25 - C Team
Oct 2 - D Team
Oct 9 - E Team
Oct 16 - A Team
Oct 23 - B Team
Oct 30 - C Team

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