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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW .... September 15, 2011
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

news_l3.gif Tim Pollak      news_l4.jpg Glenn Combelick        news_l5.gif  Rev. Jim Robinson

Guests:    Dean Speliotes and Cathy Manley, Scott’s wife.

Fines: $1 to Scott for bringing his wife, something about making up for their anniversary?
Fine to Rev. Robinson because when you send him an e-mail, you get back a God questionnaire.

Announcements:  It was a slow “Announcement” day.

Bob Buckland passed a signup sheet around for a trip to A-1 Scuba on Oct. 13th right after lunch (3pm) if all goes well. More later.

Linda of Bessies Hope requested we sponsor a bowling team for their 8th Annual Intergenerational Bowl-a-Thon, Nov. 5th.

Jim Rees has King Soopers coupons. The club receives 5% but only 4 people regularly use the service. The card is like a debit card so it’s easy to use.



Orian Hunter started of by saying after 60 years, it’s the same ole story. Orian Hunter was born in Denver, not to far from the South Platte River but he didn’t mention the date. He went to schools all over the place, including Grad School in Wisconsin. He was a teacher in a couple states.


Several years ago, Orian was teaching in Sterling and at Kingsburg but decided he was paying to much in taxes and decided to retire. Orian has a Principals License from the U. of Phoenix. He wanted to work for them so he sent his resume in and was hired, along with 75 other applicants. After all the training and classes, I think he said he did not get the job. He does teach for them in the evenings.

He is a grandpa with 3 grandsons and he found out one of them is like him. He is still married to Ellen after 38 years. They enjoy life riding around on their Vespa’s.

Orian’s military consisted of 2 years of Army ROTC. (he wasn’t even sure if it was Army, what do they teach people now a days?). He didn’t seem too disappointed when they asked him to hang up his uniform.

Orian was a President in 2001-2002 and claims two contributions to the club. 1) The Western Welcome Lemonade stand and 2) improving the speech pattern of a certain club member huh….huh…(well, that one didn’t pan out). The guy that brought him into the club is long gone from the club (I didn’t catch his name).


Orian tried to explain all that happened during his reign as King and even brought his scrapbook to prove it. He passed his 2001 watch onto Ken, we don’t know if the watch even works.    Listen to OrianHunter.mp3

Program:   Scott Manley introduced Brad Hughes and the topic for today is: “The Worldview War” Radical Islam and Secular Humanism are at war with Judeo-Christian America.
Brad had a great power point presentation and here are a few it the slides:


“There is a worldview war raging in this nation and it threatens to divide the country, steal your religious liberty, and destroy America from within. There is no neutral ground in this war. Those that sit on the sidelines are aiding the enemy. The worldview war is between Judeo-Christianity and those opposed to Judeo-Christian ideals.” The Worldview War by Gary DeMar American Vision 2007

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Ephesians 6:12

“Surrender is not an option” Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. “Jerry” Boykin Original Delta Force leader

Humanism has a theological component (Atheism) integral to its worldview.

Among religions in this country which do not teach what would generally be considered a belief in the existence of God are Buddhism, Taoism, Ethical Culture, Secular Humanism, and others.” US Supreme Court Torcaso v Watkins (1961) p. 495

“Humanism is a philosophical, religious, and moral point of view.” Paul Kurtz, “Father of Secular Humanism” Human Manifesto II Preamble

Pitzer College (CA) first in US w/ Secular Studies (Religion) department and major.

American Humanist Association has an IRS religious tax exemption.

Harvard (many colleges) have a Humanist Chaplain.

“Humanist Manifesto was drafted by Roy Wood Sellars for the explicit purpose of proclaiming Humanism as a new religion.” Tom Flynn, editor Free Inquiry 3/07 p.65

You can read the whole thing here: The Wouldview War.ppt    worldview-chart.pdf Listen to BradHughes.mp3

Upcoming programs
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     Upcoming SOD list

Sep 22- Regular Meeting – SOD Rick Jacobus
Sep 29 - Regular Meeting – SOD Dick Johnson
Oct 6 - Regular Meeting – SOD Dick Laskey
Oct 13 - Regular Meeting – BOD & SOD Mike Magee
Oct 20 - Regular Meeting – SOD Scott Manley
Oct 27 - Regular Meeting – SOD Will Martinez

(BOD means Board of Dir. meeting)

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Paradoxical Quote of The Day From Ben Stein:


"Fathom the Hypocrisy of a Government
that requires every citizen to prove
they are insured... but not everyone
must prove they are a citizen."


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