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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....Sep 24, 2009
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

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Quote: “Victory is won not in miles but in inches. With a little now, hold your ground and later win a little more”. Louie Lamor

Guests:   Pres. John brought Cork Chicota and Dr. Tim brought Rich Bawiec

Fines:   To Phil Grimm for improper signage.

Bingo:   85 players with a deposit of $3850, not a very good night.

Announcements:    Dick Enslow presented a trophy to Glenn Combellick for the Sand Bagger flight of the Annual Fall Classic Golf Tournament. Also, see Dick if your interested in the Littleton Sertoma Clay Shoot. They want us to put together a team.

Glenn Combellick award.jpg

Pres. John presented a Perfect Attendance award to Jim Perkins.

Jim Perkins award.jpg

Doug gave quit a lengthy Foundation Report, it was one of the most interesting reports the club has heard in a long time.

Mabe wants ideas for upcoming programs. If you see someone on TV or in the news that you think would be a good program, let Mabe know.

Tim walked 5K with his wife on Sep. 20th and so far they have $4,365 donated but there is still time to donate a bit more.

The Breakfast feed is this Saturday so if you have volunteered to help, be sure to attend.

Central Colorado / Front Range Combined District Fall Conference Oct 10th Red Lyon Inn $15 per plate.

The Joint Wine Tasting Fund Raiser will benefit U.C. Boulder – Dept. of Speech and the Marion Downs Hearing Center. Date is Oct 24th 6-9pm. Contact 303 773-8189 or

Him Rees mentioned something about items for next years raffle, if we have one?

Will Martinez has King Soopers coupons.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY: usmc.gif

Dick Mason gave an update on his life and a few other tid bits. Dick, a Life Member, was born 11/12/34 (per the roster) in Quincy, Ill. The Mississippi River was next to his hometown. Three High Schools in town and he didn't graduate from any of them, he even tried to go to the all girls school.

Dick Mason.JPG

After being suspended from high school one to many times, he joined the Marine Corp. While in the Marines, he received his GED. Dick served almost four years and was an E-5 when discharged. He has a trip to Viet Nam and Hawaii on his military resume.

After getting out of the service, Dick married JoAnn 41 years ago, they met in study hall. He worked a little, then went back to Glendale Community College in Phoenix, where he graduated and then got a scholarship to DU. That plus the GI bill and his hard work got him through school by March of '72. Now a CPA (that does not stand for Cleaning, Pressing & Alterations), his firm was acquired and he has moved on to bigger and better things.

The Mason’s have three kids, sons Brian and Brandt, along with daughter Brandy. There is one Grandkid and he lives in California. Rick Jacobus brought Dick into the club about 21 years ago and he has served in a number of offices and is a Past President and Gold Coat recipient.


Program:  John Vierthaler introduced our program, Dick Mason. The normally scheduled program called John early this morning to let him know she had strep throat. SO, John contacted Dick to see if he would like to be the program and being the distinguished member he is, he agreed and the subject of his program is Turnverein.
What is Turnverein you ask? (from German turnen, “to practice gymnastics,” and Verein, “club, union”), association of gymnasts founded by the German teacher and patriot Friedrich Ludwig Jahn in Berlin in 1811. The term now also denotes a place for physical exercise. The early turnvereins were centres for the cultivation of health and vigour through gymnastic exercise, including the use of such modern gymnastic equipment as the horizontal bar, parallel bars, side horse, and vaulting horse. The organizations were also intended to prepare German youth to defend their country against Napoleonic France, and gymnasts were encouraged to develop a spirit of patriotism and Deutschheit (“Germanness”).
In the German states during the Revolution of 1848, some turnverein members sided with factions who unsuccessfully revolted against the monarchy, and they were forced to leave the country. Turnvereins were subsequently established by such émigrés in other countries, notably the United States, at Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1848, where the organization now called the American Turners was founded. Similar organizations, called Sokols (see Sokol), formed in Bohemia (modern Czech Republic) in the 1860s, emphasized social and communal unity rather than nationalism.
Turnvereins continue to foster citizenship and cultural programs together with health and physical-education activities, particularly gymnastics.


Upcoming programs:

handshake.gif  Bill Benton  pot2.gif Bob Buckland  dollars.gifMabe Downey

                       Upcoming SOD list
Oct 1 - Regular Meeting – SOD Pat McKim
Oct 8 - Regular Meeting and BODSOD Cliff Metsker
Oct 15 - Regular Meeting – SOD Dave Miley
Oct 22 - Regular Meeting – SOD Nick Morrone
Oct 29 - Regular Meeting – SOD Don Nelson

Oct 1 -  D Team
Oct 8 -  E Team
Oct 15 - A Team
Oct 22 -  B Team
Oct 29 -  C Team

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