by: Don Smith

THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....Sept. 28, 2006
This weeks Reporter-Sterling Cain

 Miley  Parchen       Harder

Guests:    None

Announcements:    Bingo: 66 attendance, deposit $305 for progressive, deposited $4000, progressive up to $4999.
Enslow will be doing an analysis of the bingo and we will be bringing it up at the next board meeting and then bringing it back up to the club.

Nick Marrone: Bronco/Ravens Monday night October 9 th here in the elks lodge in the bar. Sign up sheet passed.

Tim: Winding down on the entertainment books. We have 15 left. Will start shaming people into purchasing them soon.

Hogge: District Conference recap. Good presentation was made on Bill Worth.
Big push to bring in at least 5 new members per club.


Fines:   Fine to Miley for talking during announcements. Discussion... do you have to have the next batter in the on deck circle? (No, you have to have someone in the batters box, but he does not have to bat next). Fine doubled to $.50. Seconded. Passed.

Fine to Perkins for bringing up baseball in the first place. Passed.

Fine to Marone for failure to stand while making a motion. Passed.

Fine to Mason for carnal knowledge of Mr. Rock Hudson and his association with getting hit in the ass by balls. Passed

Directories:    Winding down on the entertainment books. We have 15 left. Will start shaming people into purchasing them soon.

King Soopers Coupons:   See Mike Magee.


Jim Rees was born in Springfield, Ill.   Jim moved to Bloomington, got through high school and went to university of Illinois (Red Grange was still there in that day) and was in ROTC.

Jim was in the Air force and flew airplanes, the RC-121's.   These were the big Constellations that had the 3 tail fins and were loaded with radar equipment. Jim said he must have done a good job of looking for the Russians over the Pacific Ocean because the Russians never got over here.

Jim to work after. Underwood Ollivetti. Made office equipment. Sold office equip. Moved to Denver as sales manager. Then to Colorado Springs. Went to contractor. Quit. Went to Xerox. Transferred to Houston. Quit rather then transferred again. Back to Denver and then went into the real estate business. Mostly been on his own. Did some land development. Now just sells industrial properties. Been doing this for 37 years.

Married for 17,947 days. Just under 50 years.

Jim has a son in the computer business and a daughter works for Cherry Creek in hearing and McInaw creek.

Bob Stein brought him into the club.

PROGRAM:    Dave Penland introduced Al Hertzl of Lockheed Martin. He will be talking about the Juno Project, a mission to Jupiter.

Al came here in 1977 for grad school in Boulder and stuck around. He has been with Lockheed since graduation.

Most of the missions to planets have been constructed by Lockheed here in Denver.

Why? For the science. Mostly robotic because it's a lot cheaper. You can also do a lot remotely, but in-situ (on location) gives you a lot more data.

Next big mission is going to be to Jupiter (Juno Project).

The space technology engine is what drives much of the technological innovation in the world.

Went through the history of Lockheed's involvement in getting to Mars.

Lockheed flies most of their spacecraft from here in Denver even though they are contracted to the JPL in California.

Build almost all of NASA's reentry systems here in Denver.

JUNO is going to be a huge spacecraft, weighing it at almost 8000 pounds. Will take 5 years to get there and will orbit only about 1 year due to the very harsh radiation environment.

More then half of the weight of the spacecraft is fuel to slow the vehicle down. Will also be deploying very large solar arrays to collect the weak solar power present that far away from the sun.

Communications will also be a problem. It takes an hour for signals to travel from the earth to Jupiter.

The goal of Juno is to peer into the core of the plant lurking under the clouds. It will be answering questions of origin, interior, atmosphere and magnetosphere.

It will also be looking at the “craters” in the atmosphere left by the comet Shoemaker-Levy.

Scientists are intensely interested in the behavior of the magnetosphere of Jupiter. The semi-metallic hydrogen that makes up most of the core of the planet turns Jupiter into a superconducting magnet that pumps out tremendous amount of energy.

Will be doing 32 orbits of Jupiter at 11 days per orbit.

Lockheed typically does not retain the intellectual property rights to this work. Those rights go back to NASA who is contracting to have Lockheed do the work for them.

 ?      Glenn Combellick     Dave Penland

          On the calendar ..   

         Oct  5 - Regular Meeting - SOD Norm Schillo
              Program: Fred Joseph, State Securities Commissioner
         Oct  12 - Regular Meeting - SOD Jim Robertson ?
              Program: David Openheim, Naval Sea Power  
         Oct  19 - Regular Meeting - SOD
              Program: Jim Simmons, Wings over the Rockies
         Oct  26 - Regular Meeting - SOD
              Program: Commander Ken Poncelow, GPS Tracking Sys.   
         Nov 16 - Regular Meeting - SOD
              Program: Sean Raymond, Galaxy hold planets like Earth?
         Dec 14 - Regular Meeting - SOD    
              Program: Joe Epstein, Conflict Resolution Svc.   

Oct 2 - D Team
Oct 9 - E Team
Oct 16 - A Team
Oct 23 - B Team
Oct 30 - C Team
Nov 6 - D Team
Nov 13 - E Team
Nov 20 - A Team
Nov 27 - B Team
Dec 4 - C Team
Dec 11 - D Team
Dec 18 - E Team

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                        Subject: I didn't know her name...........                

I didn't know her name in July when the Ladies of Harley went to the Cut Throat Cafe...............but I know her name today.

When we all arrived at the Cut Throat for the Biker Babe Breakfast, we pretty much took over the place. The staff did their best in trying to accommodate get us all seated and fed.................there were about a dozen "regulars" waiting in line to be seated and fed when we got done.............while I was waiting for my breakfast to be served, I noticed an elderly couple (you could tell they were regulars!) waiting in line...............I looked around and found a small table up against a wall - it would only seat two and that was a stretch - and I rounded up two chairs (with the help of Jack - thanks again Jack!) I went over to the elderly couple standing in line and told them there was a table ready just for them - after asking the other people waiting in line if it was OK if they were seated before they were - they of course said that it was fine. After seating the elderly couple, a young waitress came over to me - with about 5 plates breakfast on her arms - ready to be served to not-so-patiently-waiting bikers - and looked me straight in the eye and said to me, "Thank you, that was sweet".........................

Now, the important thing in my opinion was not that a good deed was done by me and Jack, but that a 16-year-old girl had AWARENESS and COMPASSION - and took time out in a moment of chaos to kindly thank a stranger.....................

Her name was Emily Keyes.................and she was the hostage that died yesterday at the high school in Bailey.

May God Bless The Family That Raised Her With Values That You Don't See Very Often - No Matter What Age................

Thanks for "listening"..............I just had to share.      Tee

(This is a true story, I work with "Jack" and he confirmed it).   Don