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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....Sep 3, 2009
This weeks Reporter-Carl Duncan

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INVOCATION: This morning, Dr Thomas Fry revealed his connection with the Almighty. In the "thank you part" he gave thanks for Leslie for having saved us from the abyss of mediocre culinary arts. In the "request for part" he asked the Spirit to touch Buckland in some way so that he would pay for the beer some time at the pre-meeting social hour. The "blessing part" contained the usual.

Guests:  Walt Wilson from the Littleton Sertoma Club, came to let us know they are having their Charity Sporting Clays Event Friday, October 2, 2009 at the Kiowa Creek Sporting Club. Contact or or Mike Camelio 303 471-4829. For a discount on ammo, contact Walt at

Fines:   n/a

Bingo:   67 players with a deposit of $4,100

Announcements:    There will be a meeting of the Freedom Week Committee next Thursday, Sep. 10th at 11:30am just before lunch. All committee members please show up.

Jim Perkins might be able to use some of those unsold breakfast tickets.

Tim is walking with his wife on Sep. 20th and is seeking donations.

The Joint Wine Tasting Fund Raiser will benefit U.C. Boulder – Dept. of Speech and the Marion Downs Hearing Center. Date is Oct 24th 6-9pm. Contact 303 773-8189 or

Will Martinez has King Soopers coupons.

Welcome back to Jack Marshall and as his reward, he filled in for President John Vierthaler.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY: 

Jack Marshall told us about his life which started out April 17, 1957, 2 days before the tax deadline for his dad. Born in Denver, lived in Virginia and Maryland because dad was in Army Air Corp, and returned to Littleton in 68 and graduated from Littleton High. In 1975, he joined the Air Force as a weapons specialist on a bomber and served in England. He mentioned it was his guys that sent the bombs over to Lybia that were used on Kadafi’s Palace. He served 4 years. When he returned to the state, he got off the plane in Myrtle Beach, SC. and the heat and humidity about knocked him over.

Jack Marshell.JPG

Jack was discharged in 1979 as a Sergeant, and tried being an electrician but got zapped so many times, he decided to change career paths. He went to A.C.C. for Architectural Technology and ended up with a scholarship to a school in Kansas but bought a house here and started attending CU but didn't graduate. He learned enough from his dad to help him pass the tests. He did teach Architectural Technology at A.C.C.
Jack met his wife, Marcia, who was from NE and they were married in Jan of 1987. It was a short courtship and at least 9 months after they were married, his daughter was born in Oct. (something about being snowed in was mentioned).

Jack's father and others, such as Bill Parchen, brought him into the club. He figured after 10 years in Kiwanis and 9 of those years in a position of office and 4 of those as the President, Sertoma wouldn't be bad but it didn't take long before he started through the chairs and made it to the top.
Jack said he once sat on LBJ’s bed at the White House and played with LBJ’s dog. He also mentioned he took the Enslow School of Speed Reading and Speaking.

Jack and his father Don are starting up a new service to provide information and guidance on those home construction projects. One example is Don Smith's patio cover, Jack looked at the plans and gave suggestions on the size of material needed and how to go about getting a building permit. He also provided the name of an Engineer that Don needs to sign off (or recomend a change) on a paticular aspect of a support leg for the patio cover. More info on this service when Jack provides it.


Program:   Mabe Downey introduced Dr. Harl Hargett, Executive Director for Lost and Found Inc. Harl grew up in Muleshoe, Texas and received his Doctoral in Addictions Counseling.

Harl Hargett.JPG

Lost and Found Inc. serves the nation in Christian ministry by providing prevention, intervention and treatment resources to the individual, family and youth.

Sometimes a personal vision is incremental, progressive and fulfilled by others. Such is the vision given to Robert ("Bob") Lynch in l973 concerning establishing "a place for boys and girls that need to get off drugs and alcohol and get back on track with their life."

Bob was a recovering alcoholic who had lost his well-paying job, his wife and many of his children and family members to addictions. He had met Jesus Christ as his personal Savior in a program called Teen Challenge when he was in his 40s.

Then came his vision, along with a couple of rented houses from a local Disciples of Christ outreach ministry. Soon it became apparent that resources weren’t readily available or conducive to teens struggling with chemical dependency.

God provided a short answer. In early l979, near Conifer, Colorado (the mountain foothills) 8 3/4 acres became available, with a lodge. Bob thought this site was ideal and got to work, expanding the property and his dreams. In late l980 he was building a geodesic dome to house girls when he slipped on the 2nd floor, fell and went home to glory in a matter of a few minutes. In the grief and despair at Bob’s untimely passing, the program quickly went into bankruptcy. Kids and resources were disjointed, disrupted and it appeared that all was lost.

It happened that another person also carried Bob’s vision to reach out to adolescents struggling with addictions, though he wasn’t aware of it at that time. Harl Hargett, a former “hippie” and drug addict had emerged from the 70-80’s culture via the power of the Holy Spirit at age 30. On fire and looking for a way to minister (by the hand of God), Harl met the Board President of Lost and Found Inc., who convinced him to “come up and see Bob’s hope for teens.”

For more information, visit their web site at: or call them at: 303-420-8080


Upcoming programs:

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                       Upcoming SOD list
Sep 10 - Regular Meeting – SOD Will Martinez
Sep 17 - Regular Meeting – SOD Dick Mason
Sep 24 - Regular Meeting – SOD Pat McKim
Oct 1 - Regular Meeting – SOD Cliff Metsker
Oct 8 - Regular Meeting – SOD Dave Miley

Sep 10 - A Team
Sep 17 - B Team
Sep 24 - C Team

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