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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....September 4, 2008
This weeks Reporter-Don Smith

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Quote of the Day:     I went to a bookstore and asked the saleswoman, “Where is the Self-help Section?”. She said if she told me that would defeat the purpose. George Carlin

Guests: Our newest member Ken Kelley brought John Jeffrey. Rick Campbell introduced Roger Free and Jack Marshall introduced Barry Layton.

Fines:  Dick Enslow fined himself for making a “hole-in-one” last week. $1.00

Announcements: Bob Hogge has King Soopers cards for sale.

Tim has the new Entertainment books for $25

We still need someone to be the Historian.

Enslow presented the first place plaques to the winners of the 18th Annual Arapahoe Sertoma Fall Classic Golf Tournament.  It was a nice, cool day for golf and no one got bit by a Rattle snake.

1st place Sandbagger Jim Robinson

1st Handicapped Bob Hogge

1st place Gross Jim Rees

Closest to Pin #15: Bob Hogge and Longest Putt #18: Ed Bezjak

Bingo Report:  $4,600 was deposited with 156 players. $4,893 in pickles sold but $5,206 paid out. The progressive is up to $12,117.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY: 

Our regularly scheduled SOD didn’t show so the Pres. asked for a volunteer and John Vierthaler couldn’t control himself and jumped at the chance. Born in 1941 of Immigrants, his father is from Austria and fought in WWI for the Kaiser. His mother was from the Austria-Hungarian Empire. They both immigrated to Pittsburgh independently and met while they lived there. John was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and grew up on the Ohio River. John’s folks refused to teach him German and many of the store fronts in his neighborhood had German and other foreign names. They told him they were Americans now, speak American.

John went to Aspen Wall HS in Aspen Wall, PA. The high school was torn down about 10 years after he graduated. John then went to Grove City College in Grove City, Pennsylvania, a private college founded by the heirs of the Sun Oil Company and a very independent college

He joined the Air Force ROTC because they had mandatory military service in 1963. He was paid $30 a month, graduated with a commission as a 2nd Lt. and spent 3 years in Atlanta, "defending our nation". While there, he went to Law School at Emery University in Atlanta at night. When he got out of the military, he transferred all his credits to the University of Pittsburgh, School of Law and graduated a year later. He worked for Alcoa as a corporate attorney, later he went to work for his father-in-law.

By this time he was up to three kids. They used to come up Colorado to ski. After four years of trips, Brenda, his wife, whom he married in 1963, convinced John to move to Colorado. They moved out here, two adults, three kids, two dogs, and two cats. (They lost one of their cats in Russell, Kansas). His kids are now 43, 40 and 36 and he has several grandkids.

Bill Malone inducted John to the club in October of 1980. He opened his own office after leaving Bill's firm. He has been in the same office at the corner of Wadsworth and Bowles for the past 22 years. John does estates and trusts, real estate, small business and civil law.

John’s wife passed and he is divorced from his second and now has a girl friend who spoke to us several weeks ago. Still single, John farms for a hobby. He rents dry land and raises horses and chases coyotes on horseback for fun. Name of the farm is Four Valley farm because in Austrian his name translates into "four valleys".


Program:  Pastor Jim Robinson introduced his Life Skills coach Peter Pauwels who came to tells us some of what he does at Craig Hospital. Peter explained some of the programs that Craig has for traumatic brain and spinal cord injury. Peter uses fishing as a therapeutic resource and takes many patients to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal where there are several lakes with plenty of fist for catch and release. Some of the fishing poles are modified to accommodate almost any kind of spinal cord injury. Peter helps men relearn the skills to tackle those “honey-do” projects around the house. Depending on where the injury is means how much use of your arm you have.

Upcoming programs:

September 11th - Derek Handley - Water 2 Wine
September 18th - Paul King - Juntos Argentina
September 25th - Dean Cottington, God Bless America
November 11th - Frank on Hydrogen
December - OPEN


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Sept  9  - Board Meeting 6p.m. All members welcome
Sept 11 - Regular Meeting - SOD – Dick Mason
Sept 18 - Regular Meeting - SOD – Pat McKim
Sept 25 - Regular Meeting - SOD – Dave Miley
Oct  2 - Regular Meeting - SOD – Nick Morrone
Oct  9 - Regular Meeting - SOD – Don Nelson
Sep 12 - Bingo Team D
Sep 19 - Bingo Team E
Sep 26 - Bingo Team A
Oct  3  - Bingo Team B
Oct  10 - Bingo Team C
Oct  17 - Bingo Team D

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