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THIS WEEK IN REVIEW ....Sep 7, 2017
This weeks Reporter- Don Smith

news_l3.gif  Orian Hunter        Gary Athey     news_l5.gif   Dave Miley

Guests:  Alice Perkins, Jim’s wife:   Simpson St Fort is eager to join the club, as is Erik Herbert so when the time comes, let's call this the first publishing for new membership for those two.

FINES:   Orian & McKim.

Foundation News:  The Foundation still has a cemetery plot or two for sale. They are located at Chapel Hill Cemetery. If interested, contact one of the Foundation members or me ( ) and I will forward your contact to one of them.

Announcements:  Bob’s granddaughter, Carley Baldwin, is out of Craig full time but still goes back for treatments which saves a ton of money.. There is a gofundme page set up if you want to donate at: You can read about what happened and what she will be going through in the future. There is also a Carley Oktoberfest on Saturday, September 30 at Chinook Tavern.
View the details here: page 1      page 2 (has the history of what happened).

Joe reminded us about the upcoming Golf Tournament for the Disabled Sept 15th. See Joe.

It was announced the Dick Sorenson is out of the hospital in Wyoming. He was working and created dust which caused his problems..

Bob Stein is still in Sky Ridge while the Dr's practice medicine on him.  Call and say hi to him.

The latest issue of the Englewood Chamber Newsletter had a half page story about Arapahoe Sertoma.  Read it here:

Clarke has been trying to round up Door Prizes for the up-coming Chamber event and so far isn’t doing to well. Either the businesses he has contacted doesn’t want to donate anything or they say that the manager isn’t in and check back later. Clarke will continue to try but did have a few items he has accumulated that he would donate.

Scott is getting Craig to donate some accessories for cell phones. Little things that attach to the back and allow you to hold on to the device or set the device on-end on a flat surface.

Mike Magee has a date set for this year’s Christmas party, it’s Dec 10th at Lone Tree CC.

Gary ordered 50 patches and them now for $3 each. Nice looking patches.

Orian announced the our caterer, The Copper Pot on Broadway, will cater the Chamber event.

Bill also passed around the Bronco-Chargers Pool for this week’s game. See photo for the squares you bought.

Last week’s winners were:   Pollak x2 & Vierthaler x2.


news_l6.gif SERTOMAN OF THE DAY:     

Sertoman of the Day:    Scott Manley was born 1947 in Denver at St. Joseph Hospital. Went to Park Hill elementary and then to East High. He attended UNC in Greeley and eventually earned a Master degree. He got a teaching degree and started teaching in Greeley, then went on to get a Masters, later getting a doctorate at UNC in administration and counseling.

Scott shared a couple things about his family, one was that his father boxed. So one day his father gave him a lesson on “why you don’t pick a fight with your dad”….

Scott worked at Craig Hospital for 36 years and met his wife, Cathy, there. They have two children, a son and a daughter and four grandkids now. Scott and Cathy are both retired. His son is carrying on the Manley tradition by working at Craig and his daughter is a nurse at Rose. Scott works with wood and tinkers with old cars. No military service, his draft number was 328 but he also had bad legs. The river was the Platte River. Dean Hiss brought him into the club. Scott used to work with Sertoma at Craig. Sertoma bought Craig the first van in the 1970’s. Listen to Scott Manley.mp3

Program:  Doug Harder introduced Traci Wingerter who is a nurse at Presbyterian/ St. Lukes Medical Center in Denver. (Several members know Traci’s father because he played ball with them). Traci is a bone marrow-chemo specialist among other duties at the hospital. She gave us some insight on what she does and how it’s done.

Below is the job listing for what she does:
Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center (P/SL) provides state-of-the-art, complex medical care in the heart of Denver, treating patients from all over the Rocky Mountain region. We are home to a Cancer Center distinguished by the Commission on Cancer as a Center of Excellence and the largest Bone Marrow Transplant Center in the Rocky Mountain region. P/SL holds centers of excellence designations in Neonatal Intensive Care, Spine and Joint Care and Bariatric Surgery as well as Stroke Certification and Level IV trauma.

The comprehensive cancer care experience on our Blood and Marrow Transplant units affords a unique opportunity to expand your clinical skill set and allow for the provision of care across the care continuum. The care experience begins at diagnosis, evolves through to transplant, followed by post-transplant cares. We are distinguished from other programs by having a subset of nurses that are critically care trained BMT nurses. These nurses are trained to manage complex critical situations which include sepsis, multi organ failure, oncologic emergencies, and rapid intervention for any deterioration in a patient’s medical condition. (cont. on link below).

Listen to Traci Wingerter.mp3 

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Dec 10 - Club Christmas party

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